Episode 2: Watches and Adventures

  Welcome to Episode Two of the Tenn & Two Podcast! Before we dive in we want to thank each and every one of you! All of the love and support that we have received from our first episode has been overwhelming and quite humbling. We have done our best to answer every comment and... Continue Reading →

001: This is a sound test episode

Today's recording is just a test. We are wanting to make sure all of the equipment works and that the podcast is able to be uploaded to all the major platforms without any difficulty. Please disregard this recording. We look forward to bringing you guys and gals some fun content next week. To see when... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Tenn & Two

Greetings ya'll from Nashville, Tennessee. We are most humbled that you have found your way here to this new podcasting adventure that we are embarking upon and hope that you will continue to follow us along this journey. Forgive us, where are our manners? Our names are Kat and Katlen and we are Tenn & Two. Simply... Continue Reading →

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