Q&A Episode

We're back after a week off with another one of our fan-favorite episodes. Every few months, we ask our listeners to submit a few questions for us to discuss and answer. And of course, we have a little fun in between. This episode was recorded just before Kat left on her Overlanding trip and next... Continue Reading →

Gaming & Watches with Lydia Winters

Welcome to the Tenn & Two Podcast where we talk watches, photography, adventure, horology, and today we talk gaming! We are beyond excited to be joined by our special guest this week as for possibly the first time in this show's history we're talking gaming (and of course watches). In case you haven't figured it... Continue Reading →

Affordable Summer Watches

Our favorite time of year is almost here! Yes...it's almost summer! (though if someone could tell Tennessee weather that, we would greatly appreciate it) And while there is still uncertainty over what this summer may bring, and what kind of "normal" we could expect, this time of year has us thinking about what the next few... Continue Reading →

Watches & Wonders Faves

There's always a certain excitement that comes with the arrival of spring. Sure we're excited for warmer weather and longer days, but really, it's the promise of new watches that brings a flurry of butterflies to watch fans all over the world. With in-person events still unable to be enjoyed, brands are finding new ways... Continue Reading →

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