Our 50th Episode

Welcome Y'all to Episode 50 of Tenn & Two! Today we are just here to hang out and reminisce as we celebrate the 50th episode of our podcast. What started as a conversation between two ladies at a coffee shop somehow turned into all of this. We say this a lot but it's true...we said... Continue Reading →

Listener Article: The (Apple) Watch

The (Apple) Watch Listener Article by Shaun McGill (@stmcgill) Why do you and I love watches? If I had to guess I would say that it is because of all or some of the following reasons- The workmanship and sheer quality of design. The history of the brand and/or the watch model in question. What... Continue Reading →

Big things are coming! Audio test day with Kat (@a_girl_and_her_watches) and Katlen (@katlenschmidt). After a few hours of watch chat, we are ready and excited for all of the things we've got to share! Our first episode should be out in less than two weeks. Thank you all for your continued support. Please be sure... Continue Reading →

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