Going Beyond with Allen Farmelo

We're back with another episode of the podcast and joined by a special guest today (as if the title didn't give it away). Welcome to the show Allen Farmelo from Beyond the Dial! Fair warning, this episode is a long one but man was it fun speaking with Allen about his many years in the... Continue Reading →

How Many Watches is Too Many

Well, it's a topic that many of us come to at some point in our collecting journey and today we're talking all about it. "How many watches is too many?" Yes...that dreaded conversation that we have with ourselves but don't actually want to admit, ever. We promise it's not that bad though. And of course,... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day Gift Guide

It's the week of Father's Day and we're here today chatting about some of our favorite gift ideas for the dad in your life (or really for yourself). After catching up on Katlen's trip and life in general, we ladies get a quick wrist check out of the way before heading into our gift guide.... Continue Reading →

Q&A Episode

We're back after a week off with another one of our fan-favorite episodes. Every few months, we ask our listeners to submit a few questions for us to discuss and answer. And of course, we have a little fun in between. This episode was recorded just before Kat left on her Overlanding trip and next... Continue Reading →

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