GMT Struggles and Recent Hands-On

Welcome y’all to another episode of the Tenn & Two Podcast! It seems like it’s been a while since just the two of us have hopped on an episode and discussed life and watches, so that’s what we are doing today. What began as a no notes or outline “we’ll figure it out” turned into quite the discussion about some of the things that plague us as watch collectors. For Katlen, she’s been struggling quite a bit lately with her new Seamaster 50th Anniversary Diver that she picked up a few weeks ago. That one realization turns into quite the chat about how and why we both collect. Somewhere along the way, we get into a conversation on flipping watches and why in the world there aren’t more GMT’s! (we told you, there was no plan so the tangents were long)

Today we are also discussing a few of the pieces that we have been hands on with in recent months that made quite an impact on the two of us. First up, while not exactly a watch, we want to take a moment and congratulate the team at Watchonista for the successful launch of the very first volume of their magazine. Next up, our thoughts on the recently released Hamilton Khahi Field Mechanical Bronze and the new Oris Aquis Upcycle. Thanks as always for tuning into the podcast! Check out the links below to a few of our specific discussions and we’ll be talking again soon.

Find where you can get a copy of the Watchonista magazine here.






Hamilton Khaki Bronze

Today’s episode of the podcast is supported by Fears Watch Company and their newest timepiece, the Fears Archical 1930. Proving once again that Fears is a brand for everyone and with universal appeal, Fears has taken a timepiece from their archive and given it a modern interpretation while usinig new-old stock movements.The biggest standout of course is the elusive rectangular case shape used so rarely in the watch industry today. By using the same proportions as its original 1930 counterpart with just a slightly larger size, this new archival timepiece is perfect for those looking for a fashionable yet traditional timepiece that celebrates watchmaking and inclusivity. Perfect for any wrist or event, the modern Archival 1930 features an incredible champagne colored dial with an 18ct border and numerals that perfectly tie in the Art Deco aesthetic of this timepiece.

Head over to to explore these unique timepieces and the rest of the Fears collection.

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4 thoughts on “GMT Struggles and Recent Hands-On

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  1. I loved the chat in this episode. Thank you for continuing to make your Podcast.
    Talking about GMTs, I have gone from 0 GMT watches to 6 in my collection this year. My favourite is my MkII Key West . It is a reimagine of the the Pan Am GMT and even though I have the white dial Pepsi you can get them in a black dial with a Coke or black bezel insert 9only available in the secondary market). Billl Yao makes a great watch and it is worth checking out.
    Good luck with the GMT hunt Katlen.
    I think my next GMT will be a GS spring drive.

    1. Greatly enjoyed this conversation episode!

      “Watchonista” is actually “The magazine you can’t get.” There is not an outlet in the entire state of Oregon and many other states.

  2. Hi! I haven’t listened to this episode yet, well actually none off of the website yet officially. I found you on YouTube as it was part of my algorithm and I listened to your SOTC episode from about 6 months ago and thought it was great.

    Anyway, during that episode you mentioned Topper Jewelers Preowned Select and I decided to pop over there myself. Thanks to y’all, I ended up finding the EXACT watch I had been looking for…I just didn’t know that yet! Lol I was searching around for a field watch with white dial and Arabic numerals 36mm – 38mm or so. I had nearly pulled the trigger on a Weiss Field Automatic but something about the case didn’t look like I’d like the fit and the 3 month wait was a turn off.

    Soooo I go to Topper and they have an Oris Big Crown Pointer Date 2021 Holstein Limited Edition (250 pieces) and it looks like EXACTLY what I was looking for, in 38.5mm diameter aaaand I have always loved a pointer date complication. Needless to say, I wanted to track you down and say thank you. I know your YouTube isn’t very active but I hope this message finds you well. Sorry it’s so long lol

  3. Hi, I was wondering if there’s gonna be a new podcast soon. It’s been quiet for some time now. Miss you girls.

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