Connecting Art and Watches with Dexter Wimberly

Welcome to today’s episode of Tenn & Two as we are incredibly excited to bring another awesome guest and long-time listener to the show Dexter Wimberly. Dexter comes to us with quite the pedigree and background, but most importantly is an enthusiastic collector who is relatively new to the hobby. A little about Dexter, he went from being the CEO of an advertising agency to a new career pursuing his passion in the art world. As a curator, he has organized exhibits all around the world and enjoys focusing on discovering new talent. Recently, Dexter has been appointed as Senior Critic at New York Academy of Art and is the founder of the Hayama Residency in Japan.

As we mentioned, Dexter has just recently jumped into the world of horology, a passion sparked by Covid-19. The three of us spent an hour laughing and chatting about art and watches. From his humble watch beginnings, to the watches that have been in and out of his collection in such a short time, to grails…no watches are off limits. The integration of watches and art come up a few times as Dexter shares his perspective on the simiraties between the hobbies.

We hope that you enjoy this episode! To find out more about Dexter, check out his website here.

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