Going Beyond with Allen Farmelo

We’re back with another episode of the podcast and joined by a special guest today (as if the title didn’t give it away). Welcome to the show Allen Farmelo from Beyond the Dial! Fair warning, this episode is a long one but man was it fun speaking with Allen about his many years in the watch industry. There are a lot of laughs, some strong opinions, and even a wager that might involve water.

After we get to know Allen a bit, we chat about his experience with Beyond the Dial, including a new collaborative watch that he has partnered up with Alsta Watches, celebrating both watches and motorcycles (two of Allen’s passions). Click here to learn more about the Alsta Motoscaphe. You can follow along with Allen and Beyond the Dial on their website. We hope that you enjoy this episode of the podcast, and be sure that you subscribe on whatever platform you listen in through.

Today’s episode of the podcast is supported by Fears Watch Company and the Brunswick Salmon. For the first time since its incredibly popular launch almost a year ago, the Brunswick Salmon is in stock on the Fears Watches website, with no wait list to endure. Long-time listeners will know that we’ve been fans of the Brunswick salmon for some time now. And with its unique 18ct rose gold and copper coating combined with the fact that every dial is hand brushed, can you blame us? Head over to www.fearswatches.com to explore the Brunswick Salmon and the rest of the collection today.

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