How Many Watches is Too Many

Well, it’s a topic that many of us come to at some point in our collecting journey and today we’re talking all about it. “How many watches is too many?” Yes…that dreaded conversation that we have with ourselves but don’t actually want to admit, ever. We promise it’s not that bad though. And of course, before we get into that we catch up on life over these last two weeks, including the very cool IWC Big Pilot 43mm that we are loving spending some time with! As we discuss the watches on our wrists, Kat shares some frustrations with being a Rolex owner that have caught her a bit “off-guard” lately.

Now as far as today’s topic, the two of us dive into the idea of “responsible watch collecting” and what that means to the two of us. Is it possible to be content? Does social media make it more difficult? Is there an “ideal” number of watches in a collection? It’s an almost overwhelming thought process that is really unique to each collector individually. But it makes for interesting conversation breaking down our different thought processes. At the end of it all, we have no actual answers…it’s not like this hobby came with an instruction manual.

Today’s episode of the podcast is supported by Fears Watches and the Fears Brunswick Midas. As the popularity of precious metals grows, the Brunswick Midas offers a material and color that is totally unique. Starting with a bronze case that’s hand polished, each Brunswick Midas is then dual coated, first in 18karat yellow gold and then in 9karat rose gold for a warmth unlike any other shade of gold. Head over to to explore the Midas for yourself, and be sure to check out the rest of the Fears Watches collection.

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