Podcast: “Will Tudor Ever Step Out of Rolex’s Shadow”

We’re excited to be back with another episode of the podcast, and while we promise we had notes for this one, all that seemed to go out the window once the record button was pressed (which shouldn’t be a surprise to any of you long time listeners). Today we’re talking James Bond watches (well, on accident it became a tangent), a few of the new releases that have caught our attention, and getting into a debate on why Tudor just can’t shake “big brother Rolex” off their back. We hope you all enjoy today’s episode and be sure you’re subscribed to the podcast on whatever plater you listen in through. Check out the show notes below for additional information about today’s content.

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Today’s wrist check consisted of Katlen and her Planet Ocean on mesh and Kat with her new OMEGA Bond “No Time to Die” Seamaster. Of course, what started as a wrist check turned into a 20-minute conversation about Kat’s new watch including why she changed her mind about titanium watches. All that followed by a chat about James Bond watches and films, and a random discussion about how amazing a Seiko collection of Harry Potter watches could be (because what else would you expect from our podcast). There’s a lot of laughs, and random tangents…we don’t apologize for that.

The Bark & Jack Video that helped convince Kat to purchase her new watch.


Around the middle of today’s episode, we break down our thoughts on some of the new releases that have caught our attention:

OMEGA Aqua Terra Small Seconds

Oris Aquis 41.5 with Calibre 400

Norqain Independence 21 Skeleton

Norqain Independence 21 Midnight Blue

Hamilton Khaki Field Bronze


Finally, our episode wraps up with a chat on the new Tudor Black Bay Bronze. After a quick breakdown of the watch and our thoughts on it, we get into a chat about the relationship between Rolex and Tudor. Do you think the brand will ever get out of the Rolex shadow? Let us know your thoughts.


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  1. The folks who have the Harry Potter rights don’t have a clue about EDC items and design. Look at the fountain pens they did with Montegrappa. HP fountain pens could have been so creative, but nooo—they just had Montegrappa slap HP clip art and colors on a pen. So a HP watch would better be done by Timex, not Seiko.

  2. Yes , they are not really marketed today as the ‘cheaper Rolex’ I know us watch geeks will think they are , but to the general buying public they are not linked .

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