Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s the week of Father’s Day and we’re here today chatting about some of our favorite gift ideas for the dad in your life (or really for yourself). After catching up on Katlen’s trip and life in general, we ladies get a quick wrist check out of the way before heading into our gift guide.

For today’ gift guide, we focused on someting a little different. Each of us selected three things that we would recommend for dad. We take turns going over our list as we each chose one watch and two other items that would be a great gift for any dad – Be sure to check out the links below. Before we leave, we wrap up one final piece of podcast “business” as we made the decisio to go to every other week episodes for the remainder of summer so that we can enjoy ome time with our family and friends. As always, we appreciate everyone’s support and understanding.

We hope you enjouyed the episode and we look forward to chatting again next time!

Kat’s Picks:

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Topper Edition

Cantonment Kerchief/Key Ring – use promo code TENNANDTWO for 20% off your purchase!

Arcade Adventure Belt

Katlen’s Picks:

Hamilton Khaki Field Watch

Tactile Turn Pen – use promo code TENNANDTWO for 20% off your purchase!

Solo Stove Bonfire


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