Talking Watch Collaborations with Collective Horology

Welcome back to another episode of Tenn & Two. Today we have a very special episode of the podcast as we are joined by Asher and Gabe of Collective Horology. For those unfamiliar with Collective Horology, they’re a membership community of watch enthusiasts with members all around the world. The group partners with some of the hottest watchmakers around to bring their members exclusive collaborations that blend their passion for horology and sense of fun together for incredibly unique pieces.

In our hour together today we get through so much of their story, and it became more evident that they are just a couple of friends who are incredibly passionate about watches. Gabe and Asher chat about the founding of Collective and how it is intended to bring together watch enthusiasts from all around the world. We get into a pretty deep dive here while talking about collaborations versus limited editions and their mindsets behind each. And my favorite part, we get a bit of an inside look into how the collaboration process really works with some of these brands, giving me so much more respect for what these guys are trying to accomplish.

Click here to head over to the Collective Horology website to learn more.

Curious to check out a few of the watches we discussed today? Head to the links below:

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