Kat’s Baaaaack! We’re Talking Adventure and Watches

Kat’s back y’all and we’re #sorrynotsorry for all the laughs that ensued while recording this one as it’s been almost a month since we’ve seen one another and recorded together. It may have been a while, but we are right back in the swing of things and catching up on everything that we’ve missed. In case you haven’t tuned in lately, Kat spent two weeks exploring the West Coast, camping with her Subarau (well, at least for a few days but you’ll have to listen in to find out why), and making new adventures. We spend the first half of the episode recapping her trip, talking about some of her favorite experiences, and the tools that made this cross country trip such a success (did we mention yet that there’s a ton of laughter).

The second half of today’s episode is spent talking about some of the watches we’ve been getting hands on with lately. For those of you who follow us on Instagram, you’ll have a bit of an advantage as you’ll know a few of the pieces we’re talking about today. Due to time constraints we don’g get to everything, but fear not you’ll hear our thoughts on the others soon. Today we’re talking about the Oris Cotton Candy trio, the Vero Open Water, and the Longines Avigation BigEye Blue after getting hands on with them all.

A few other links we discussed:

iOverlander App

Norqain watches


As always, we hope that you all enjoyed today’s episode of the podcast. If so, be sure to share it with your friends and leave us a review! Can’t wait to talk to you again next week.

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