Gaming & Watches with Lydia Winters

Welcome to the Tenn & Two Podcast where we talk watches, photography, adventure, horology, and today we talk gaming! We are beyond excited to be joined by our special guest this week as for possibly the first time in this show’s history we’re talking gaming (and of course watches). In case you haven’t figured it out by the title, we’re fortunate enough to be joined by Lydia Winters, the Chief Storyteller for Minecraft (I believe most of us with kids in our lives need no introduction to this game).

Just as the podcast intro states, today we are talking about a bit of everything. Lydia has spent the last few years as a watch collector but has recently taken a deeper dive into it by starting her own social media account dedicated to watches (@enjoythewatches) where she has combined her passions of watches and photography into one place (and giving out some great behind the scenes tips too for anyone aspiring to up their photography game). We chat about the watches that got her into the hobby and how she and her partner Vu build their collections (including some awesome “couples” watches). And of course, we chat about life with Minecraft and what it’s like to be a woman in so many male-dominated fields such as gaming and watches.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy because this is a fun one!

Today’s episode of the podcast is proudly brought to you by Fears Watches. In a world saturated by blue dial sports watches, Fears broke up the mundane by introducing their Brunswick Blue. The team at Fears has partnered their iconic cushion-shaped case that the Brunswick is known and loved for with a blue dial that is truly indescribable. Fifty-six individual processes and hand finishing gives the Brunswick blue dial three distinct layers, each with a different finish that dances in the light. Paired with their hand finished indexes and the Brunswick Blue puts a modern and sexy spin on the classic blue dialed watch. Head over to and explore the Brunswick Blue for yourself.

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