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Our favorite time of year is almost here! Yes…it’s almost summer! (though if someone could tell Tennessee weather that, we would greatly appreciate it) And while there is still uncertainty over what this summer may bring, and what kind of “normal” we could expect, this time of year has us thinking about what the next few months could have in store for us. And of course, what watches we will be wearing so today’s episode is dedicated to summer and affordable watches.

What makes a summer watch? While everyone may have different ideas of what a summer watch really is, for us, it’s about many of the things that we enjoy about summer to begin with. Fun, color, and durable are three of our biggest criteria. So what are some of our favorite affordable watches going into summer? Tune in and listen up as we each compare three watches under $600 that we’d love to have on the wrist this summer!

Kat’s Choices

Katlen’s Choices

Links to check out from today’s show:

Monta’s Noble that Kat is currently checking out; the Seiko 5 collection; SōLabs Watches; the incredibly popular Q Timex; G-Shock; the Nodus Sector Field

*While Orient Watches have sponsored today’s episode of the podcast, the views expressed are entirely those of our own and were not paid for in any way. 

We are incredibly thankful for today’s sponsor of the podcast, Orient Watches. When discussing the topic of affordable watches, it would be impossible not to include Orient as their blending of quality and style has made them a household name among hobbyists. As watch collectors, we have an appreciation for the concept of time like no other, not only appreciating the beauty behind watchmaking but even understanding the mechanics of how each minute passes. Orient has us thinking a bit differently about time with their Moving Moments campaign. With this campaign, Orient reminds us that time is so much more than simply the watch on your wrist. They remind us that time is but the memories that you make with it and how you spend each moment of every day. Head to the Orient Watch website and explore the collection for yourself, and be sure to use the promo code MMTenn&10 for 10% off your purchase.

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