Ben Küffer, Founder and CEO of Norqain

Welcome to another episode of the Tenn & Two Podcast and we’re beyond excited to be joined this week by the founder and CEO of Norqain, Ben Küffer. To say Norqain has taken the watch world by surprise in recent years might be an understatement as they seem to have popped out of nowhere and landed firmly on their feet. So much so in fact that the brand is carried in over 70 locations worldwide and was even picked up by HODINKEE for sale in their online shop last year. Of course, as is the story with any business, what seems like effortless success has been the result of years of hard work with a dedicated team and intense knowledge of the watch industry.

In our chat with Ben (who has to be one of the friendliest people around might we add), we learn about the foundation of Norqain in the early days and begin to build the story of how this brand seemed to get everything right so early on. Combining years of experience in the watch industry himself along with the experience of his partners since founding the company in 2018, Ben has built Norqain to be a brand focused on adventure and to always be seeking new challenges. We discuss one of these new challenges quite in-depth a the brand has recently taken on a partnership with Kenissi to secure premier performance for years to come and how the industry and enthusiasts responded to it and how the brand sees itself going forward in terms of movements and design.

Admittedly we have both been fans of Norqain for some time now, especially after getting hands-on with several of their designs recently. Today’s conversation with Ben gave us even more respect for this young brand that is fighting hard (and quite successfully if we might add) to stand side by side with the rest of the more established Swiss Watch industry. We hope you enjoy this conversation with Ben. To learn more about Norqain, visit their website and be sure to check them out in person if you get the opportunity.


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