We Talk New Releases and Get Hands On with New Models

Welcome to another episode of the Tenn & Two Podcast. Today we’re catching up and talking quite literally #allthewatches as we’ve been hands-on with some exciting pieces over the last month or two. Not to mention the fact that we’re finally starting to see new watches coming out from some of our favorite brands which brings a bit of extra excitement to the air after so much uncertainty last year. Y’all, we know it’s a long episode (we even cut topics out), but there’s honestly just a ton of laughter and watch talk in this episode so be sure to listen in and enjoy. Below are photos and links to a few things we talked about, and as always if you enjoy the show be sure to share it with your friends (probably best to do so with your watch friends though).

Watches We’ve Been Hands On With



Check out the HODINKEE article on the Accutron Kat spoke of here

Click here for the Scottish Watches Accutron Video


A Few of Our Favorite New Pieces


For more information about the watches we spoke of, check out each brand’s website here: Norqain Freedom GMT, Doxa Sub 300 Carbon, FEARS Brunswick Platinum, OMEGA Seamaster Heritage, Seamaster 300m “Black Black”


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