Award Winning Guitarist and Music Producer Derek Wells

“Music City, USA”

For those of you who may not know this, Nashville, TN (homeplace of the Tenn & Two Podcast) has been nicknamed Music City for as long as either of us can remember. Every year, thousands of aspiring musicians make their way to Nashville, hoping to be one of the few to “make it big” in the music industry. Living in a city bursting at the seams with music means that we have been able to meet quite a few musicians over the years, each one having a different story about how they started, but watches seemed to be a commonality. Today we are joined by guitarist and producer Derek Wells as he tells his story.

Derek is a Nashville native with a resume that would make anyone a little jealous. His attributes to music include playing on over 50 number one hits for musicians ranging from Dolly Parton to Kid Rock and Maren Morris. He is the youngest person to have ever been nominated for a CMT Musician of the Year Award, a Grammy nominee, and two time  Academy of Country Music’s Guitar Player of the Year award winner. And all that on top of his career as a music producer where he has completed many successful projects for Universal Music Group, Broken Bow Records, and Sony/Atlantic.

Oh, and did we mention he was into watches? Like really into them! We sat down with Derek for an hour and chatted about how he began collecting watches and why they mean so much to him. Derek hares the significance behind his major watch purchases as well as some fun facts (like why he finds lume to be important when performing on stage). This was a fun episode to say the least and we hope that you enjoy!

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