Chatting Cars & Adventure with Photographer Amy Shore

To say that we’re excited about today’s guest would be quite an understatement. She’s an incredible photographer that we’ve been following for some time now, with a personality and sense of humor that’s larger than life. Today’s guest is Amy Shore, a UK based photographer who is incredibly well known for her car and motorcycle work. She’s also a photographer and brand ambassador for Farer Watches (which you’ve heard us speak about many times on the podcast before).

So what’s Amy’s story and how did she become one of the most well-respected car photographers in the industry? It’s quite an interesting story. And like driving down any good country road, there are plenty of curves, turns, bumps, and surprises that make the drive worth every moment. Throughout today’s episode, you’ll hear all about photography, car chat, and of course watches. Buckle up and enjoy the ride, we sure did!

Want to learn more about Amy Shore? Check her out at the places below:

Instagram @amyshorephotography

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  1. This was a really good episode. I’m kind of jealous of her life. Also, I’ve always been impressed by the photography on Farer’s website, so if that’s all her work, she does a great job.

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