Alternatives to the Most Iconic Watches of All Time – Podcast Episode 126

Should you really buy (insert major watch brand’s most iconic timepiece here) when you could have something else instead? Possibly even something better. Or what if you want this watch but can’t quite afford it just yet…what could you buy that compares? These are just a few of the dilemmas that we watch enthusiasts face at some point during our collecting journey.

Do we have the answers? Nope! Not at all! But we do have options…alot of them.

Today we’re talking alternatives to some of the most iconic watches in the market today. Whether you’re looking for budget options or something a bit out of the norm, we’ve decided to take four of the industry’s most desired timepieces and see what options we would consider instead. Of course, we couldn’t just list our options and move on. No. We decided to make this a contest to see who could build the better collection.

So here are the rules of today’s show: For each of the four watches, we will choose a budget piece (sub $1,000 at retail watch) and a piece that is comparable. We “rock, paper, scissors” between each category to see who goes first (bear with us y’all, we did this over the phone and it was sort of a disaster from time to time) and you cannot pick the same watch as the other person. Each day over on Instagram we will be posting in stories and asking y’all to vote because obviously there needs to be a winner.

Our watch categories today: the Rolex Submariner, OMEGA Speedmaster, Panerai Luminor, and Cartier Tank. Tune in to today’s episode to hear both our budget and luxury alternatives to these icons and let us know what you think and what you would change!

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  1. You should check out Gruppo Gamma. To begin with they made homages to Panerai but now they got their own DNA but stol something of Panerai in them.

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