After Dark: We Talk New Releases, Photography, and New EDC – Podcast Episode 124

Welcome to a new type of podcast episode from the two of us. Okay, so if we’re being honest you’ve totally seen this type of episode from us before: late at night, exhausted, the podcast has to go out in less than 24 hours and we’ve joked about “Tenn & Two After Dark”. So now, we’re embracing it. Today’s episode was recorded on one of those nights. It was also intended to be focused on new watch releases as we enter an exciting time of year where we start to see brands launching new product that has the watch world buzzing. But, this is After Dark and we got quite distracted before getting to the “nitty gritty” of what’s new.

Come to think of it, most of this episode is based on “what’s new”, it’s just not necessarily watches. After we catch up a bit on life and throw in a quick wristcheck which includes a bold new strap on Katlen’s Grand Seiko, we get wrapped into a discussion on photography and camera gear. Kat is converting from Leica back to Sony which has us chatting about different lenses, gear, and photography styles. The conversation then turns into some new EDC additions that the two of us are checking out including a discussion on both knives and pens, a topic that we admittedly know incredibly little about. But, we are eager to learn more and guarantee this won’t be the last time you hear about it on the pod.

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Check out Finch Knife CO here

After three-quarters of the episode is through, we figure it’ about time to get the watch chat going and discuss some of our favorite new releases. We begin with the new Seamaster America’s Cup from OMEGA which has us excited for a big reason! Finally, the brand has incorporated an easy bracelet changing system with quick-release strap and bracelet. There are many other new changes to this Diver 300m, but both of us have discussed how great it would be to see larger brands incorporate this type of technology for quite a while now, so we spend some time focusing on why we feel this is so important. Another exciting release, the new Oris Aquis with cherry dial (available exclusively on the Hodinkee Shop for now). After spending some time with a Moser Red Pioneer, the bold color is on our radar and it looks like Oris has nailed another fantastic release.

Finally, we make our way to Seiko and Grand Seiko, where there are literally far too many watches to even begin discussing that were released last week and the brands hosted their virtual summit (which some Swiss brands can learn from by the way). Instead of breaking down each and every watch, we each discuss our favorite release. The discussion turns to a few bigger topics after as we dive into the direction Grand Seiko is going even further. We share our thought about pricing, where the brand sits in the industry, as well as if it’s smart for a brand to launch such a big collection all at one time as opposed to spacing it out. Look y’all, we are fans of the brand and aren’t beating them up for no reason. These are just genuine concerns that we as enthusiasts have discussed quite heavily lately.

Thanks again for tuning into another episode of the podcast! Be sure to look out for our new episodes in the coming weeks as we have several great guests joining us!

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