Talking State of the Collection and Our Thoughts on Watches Being Genderless – Podcast Episode 123

Welcome to Episode 123 of the Tenn & Two Podcast. We’re snowed in and trying to stay warm, and what better way to do that than to literally surround yourself with #allthewatches? Well, that’s what we thought at least. The two of us ended 2019 with an episode dedicated to our collections and what they consisted of. And since then, we’ve received tons of inquiries asking us to do it again. So here we are, talking all our watches (well, the majority anyways). Some things have changed since 2019 but one thing is for sure, we are definitely both learning more and more about what we want in our long term collections.

After chatting about our collections, we dive into a deeper and more serious topic. It was very recent that Cara Barrett of HODINKEE wrote an article dicussing her opinion that watches hould be unisex (find the article here) and since then, the internet has been buzzing. Essentally, Cara outlines her thoughts about the watch industry’s treatment of women when it comes to things like marketing, merchandise in general, and the way female enthusiasts are treated in the hobby. The reactions have been overhwelming, in both good and bad ways to the article, and you all know that we have some thoughts about this, so the econd half of today’s episode dives into how we feel about the topic and our thoughts on the state of the industry. Change will be slow, if ever. But we are optimistic as in just the few years we have been in this hobby we have seen such a difference.

We hope that you all enjoyed today’s episode. We’d love to hear your thoughts down below about the topic.

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One thought on “Talking State of the Collection and Our Thoughts on Watches Being Genderless – Podcast Episode 123

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  1. You are so right about watches and gender. I’d like to believe that the only reason clothes are better off being gender specific is because men have balls at the crotch and women have boobs on their chest. Clothes are designed to accommodate those.

    Watches, on the other hand, have literally no reason to be gendered. You could say wrist size matters, but in truth, just like people wear oversized clothing because they enjoy it, people can wear big or small watches as they wish. I have a girl friend who loves her 43mm Timex, and I–a guy–wear a 38mm Seiko every day. We’ve both been wanting different sized watches; she won’t buy anything smaller than 40mm and I’ve been looking for a 36mm watch. We both end up on the opposite gendered section in websites, which does make it a bit harder.

    For example, I filter watches by size on a website, but I first have to check the men’s offerings, and then go to the women’s section as well–where the size filter can be different for no reason. It’s just an unnecessary hassle. I would be so happy if the community removed gender from watches.

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