Getting to Know Rikki from Scottish Watches – Podcast Episode 122

Welcome to another episode of Tenn & Two and we are excited to be joined by our good friend Rikki. Many of our listeners might know him as half of the Scottish Watches duo, known for their podcast and YouTube channel. Long-time listers will know that Rikki is no stranger to the show as he’s been on several times in the past, teaming up with our friend Adrian from Bark & Jack for our, well as we call it, “cool kid club” Hautix episodes.

For today, it’s just Rikki joining us and we’re chatting about his journey in the watch hobby. We learn that his pasion for watches actually began with a negative experience after buying his first Rolex. After his first “nice watch” purchase was running terribly, it caused Rikki to dig deeper into horology and watchmaking. So much so that after just a few months of that original purchase, he had booked a trip to Switzerland for his first watch fair. And just a few short years later, we learn how Scottish Watches got it beginnings.

It’s an hour of laughs, fun chats, and stories about life in the watch world as well as the car and music scene. Be sure to check out Scottis Watches on their website and YouTube Channel. And, well since two of us wrist checked with Bark & Jack watch straps that we are simply obsessed with, be sure to check out Adrian’s offerings on at

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