Talking Vintage Watches with Expert Eric Wind – Podcast Episode 121

Vintage watches. There’s no rabbit hole in this incredibly niche hobby of ours quite like vintage timepieces. It truly is a world of mystery.

“Where do you start? Is buying vintage watches safe? What should you look for? Are vintage watches even practical?”

These are the questions that run through our minds repeatedly. And apparently, they run through many of our listener’s thoughts as well. Each time we post a Q&A on Instagram or post a photo of anything vintage, we are inundated with questions about vintage timepieces. We’ve put it off long enough, mostly because we knew that we could not accurately speak on the topic. But it’s about time that we fixed that with our first episode focused on vintage watches, partnered with a friend and expert on the topic, Eric Wind of Wind Vintage.

Eric, a long-time watch enthusiast, began his career in the watch hobby in 2010 where he was a contributor to HODINKEE. There he focused on the history of both watches and the people who wear them. From there he served as Vice President Senior Specialist for Christie’s where he curated the sale of a number of important watches over the years. In 2017 Eric founded Wind Vintage, a company dedicated to the curating of vintage watches for collectors worldwide.

For today’s episode, we sit and chat with Eric about his experience with vintage watches and where his passion comes from. After that, it’s all about answering listener questions as we have Eric help us with some of the most frequently asked questions. As much as we cover today, we know this only scratches the surface and we’re sure there will be a part two at some point with Eric. We hope that you enjoyed this discussion as much as we did.

Be sure to check out Eric and his company Wind Vintage over on their website.


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2 thoughts on “Talking Vintage Watches with Expert Eric Wind – Podcast Episode 121

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  1. I really liked this episode allthough for myself I’m more in to the everyday vintage watches. The pro divers and sportswatches are quite hyped and bit expensive while nice regular three handers that were the common watches of the time are more obtainable and often in nicer condition. I think the mid century size of watches look really cool as well.

  2. Birthyear watches are the year that’s stamped in the case. All the other considerations can’t be fathomed by collectors. I’m on the lookout for a 1952 Seiko Super, center seconds. BTW, I only collect Seiko and its sub-brands Credor, King S, Grand S plus the various movement families such as automatic, kinetic and quartz. Spring drive next!!

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