Talking LVMH Watch Week and the Future of Watch Fairs – Podcast Episode 120

Watch fairs are finally making their 2021 debut (well, sort of), as we had our first real showcasing of what the year had in store with the LVMH Watch Week last week. On today’s episode of the podcast, we may be chatting about some of the highlights from last week’s event, but first we discuss a few pieces that released around the same time and break down our initial thoughts.

What’s on the agenda today? Our thoughts on the new Rado Captain Cook Bronze Burgundy that released a month or so ago. Since we are getting hands-on with it, we thought it would only be appropriate to share our reactions, experience, and thoughts on bronze (it’s a love/hate relationship, we know). Next up we talk about a trio of new releases from British watchmaker Farer as they introduced their newest field watch. And speaking of British watchmaking, we couldn’t forget the new Christopher Ward Worldglow. With a worldtime complication and enough lume to light up a room, it’s a watch that definitely deserves a bit of attention. Finally, before hopping into our main topic, there’s the newest IWC LePetite Prince Timezoner with a fun GMT display that we are both fans of.


Finally, we move into LVMH Watch Week where we saw a slew of new watch releases from Zenith, Hublot, and Bulgari. We’re chatting about our favorites from each brand and why they stood out to us. But the conversation turns into something a bit more deep as we discuss upcoming digital watch fairs and the bigger topic at hand of “Are digital watch fairs even relevant to the brands individually?”. We both have many thoughts on the topic and really dive into whether or not it is beneficial for brands to share the spotlight and what, if any, benefit there is for the consumer at the end. There are some questions worth asking, and only time will tell if these virtual events will be able to keep the excitement of regular watch fairs going strong.


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