Talking Celebrity Ambassadors – Podcast Episode 116

2021 is officially here and we’re back with our first episode of Tenn & Two after a few weeks off to enjoy the holidays. We hope that you missed the podcast as much as we did and we’re back, recharged, and ready to take on this new year! And what a new year it has turned out to be in just a few days.

Before we dive into today’s episode, we spend some time catching everyone up on life outside of the podcast these last two weeks. And the day has finally come…it’s Kat’s birthday which means she finally gets to announce the watch that she’s chosen to celebrate with. We talk about stories with our watches, and Kat’s excitement to have a watch that he gets to build memories with, her gorgeous new blue dial Rolex Datejust.

After some chatting, we move into the biggest watch news of 2021! (yes, we realize it’s early in the year, but we’re excited about what 2021 will bring) It’s been speculated for some time, with photo leaking in watch forums at the very end of last year, but OMEGA has officially launched an update to the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional. There’s a new dial, case, bracelet, and movement…and we’re breaking it down with our thoughts. OMEGA has also featured two new solid gold models which have caught both of our attention. So what do we think of the new variations? You’ll just have to listen in.

Finally, we’re moving into a topic that we’ve been eager to talk about for some time, “Celebrity Ambassadors”. It seems like every few days there is a new watch ambassador with a new ad campaign. But does it even work? And why do watch brands even do this? These are just two of the questions that we dive into as we discuss the differences in how people are affected by celebrity endorsements and what, if any, the risk is for watch brands using them. What do you think? Are ambassadors essential to keeping watches “relevant”?

Hodinkee Radio Interview with Cindy Crawford

Thanks again for tuning into the podcast. We have major plans this year and look forward to bringing y’all along with us.

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  1. Hey Kats, great episode. A couple of comments.

    1. I dont think many people buy watches solely because of a brand ambassabor, but I do think that well chosen brand ambassadors help ‘place’ a brand and enhance their story. The ambassador plus the story plus the sports plus the arts plus the ads etc all combine to build an image in your head. A classy ad, a banner on a sailboat, cindy crawford and george clooney all add up to an idea. Like salt and pepper – ambassadors dont make the story they season it and make it more tasty. Sticking with a brand I know (Breitling) – Jan Frodeno and Daniella Ryf – world champion triathletes ambassadors for their new sports watches, Kelly Slater an ambassador for divers etc. They add some seasoning to the Breitling message.

    2. Dangers? Absolutely, the wrong ambassador can cause you serious image problems – John Travolta was a great ambassador for Breitling – right up until he became a terrible one, representing a story Breitling wanted to run from.

    Finally – happy Birthday and congratulations on the Rolex

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