Reviewing the Fears Brunswick Salmon – Podcast Episode 114

“Elegantly Understated”

The FEARS watches slogan could be the most perfect paring to the watches produced by the 175 year old British watch brand. Specializing in minimal, yet bold designs, the Brunwisck has to be one of the most well known amongst the FEARS collection. So when fourth managing director Nicholas Bowman-Scargill offered to send us one of their new salmon dial Brunswick watches (which are currently so popular they have a waitlist), we couldn’t reist doing a podcast review on it.

Launched in September of this yer, the Brunswick salmon is the third dial variant in the successful Brunswick collection. With a unqiue coloratin that is achieved by combining galvanic coatings of 18k rose gold and copper, each dial is then vertically brushed by hand, making them all unqiue. Paired with the new dial is a new set of numerals designed by horological typographer Lee Yuen-Rapat which are then partneres with the iconic Brunswick hands. The cushion shaped, stainless steel case measures 38mm x 38mm and is 11.8mm thick including the domed sapphire crystal. A time only display with small econds at 6 o’clock, the Brunswick is powered by the ETA 7001 manual wound movement with 40 hour power reserve. Currently priced at £2,625 excluding VAT, the Brunswick Salmon is currently sold out through the beginning of next year but the brand is expecting further delivery and inquiries can be made on the FEARS website.

So what did we think of the Brunswick Salmon?

Now if you’re new to our podcast watch reviews, here is where things get a little different. As watch collectors ourselves, we love the joy of hunting down that next new addition to our collection, and we’ve tailored these episodes to reflect that. There are four main questions the two of us ask before making a watch purchase, and that’s what we are talking about here. No facts…just our opinions on the FEARS Brunswick and how it could fit into our lives. Today, we’re asking the following:

1.) What are our favorite and least favorite features?

2.) How versatile did we find the watch to be and does the timepiece suit its designated purpose?

3.) Does the watch offer a fair value for its cost?

4.) Would this get regular wear and last long term in my collection?

Listening back through this episode, it was interesting to see how differently the two of us saw this watch. Is it a dress watch that can be worn casually on a nato strap? Or is it a traditional dress watch? Maybe something in between? Regardless, we find the phrase “Elegantly Understated: to be incredibly accurate. The amount of detail that FEARS watches is second to done. Be sure to tune in and see what we think of this handsome piece and how it could fit into a collection.

A special thank you to Nicholas Bowman-Scargill and the team at FEARS for sending

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