We Go Hands On with Astor & Banks, Christopher Ward, Hamilton, Farer, and More – Podcast Episode 113


We joke about it on the podcast all the time, but today it is true as we are fortunate enough to have a variety of pieces in for review right now. One of our favorite things we have been able to experience since beginning this podcast was getting hands on with watches from all sorts of brands. So much so that we decided we should highlight some of those pieces in their own episode as we dive deep for a podcast review of them. But unfortunately, sometimes there are just too many (first world problem, we know), and we can’t always dedicate an entire episode to just one watch. But we have so much that we want to talk about, so we are here today doing exactly that. The two of us figured we would spend an episode going over some of the awesome pieces that we have been sent in recently and share our thoughts.

But before we dive into this table full of watches, we also wanted to share a very cool project that we have helped our dear friend Bark & Jack with. We, along side many of our friends in this watch hobby, were asked to share a quick clip of what we found to be most enjoyable in the world of watches for 2020. Check out the video below!

And you didn’t think we would forget a wrist watch check, did you? Katlen finally received her new watch, the Grand Seiko SBGV245 that she has been seeking out for some time and we two ladies discuss the process and journey that she went through in acquiring it (which included selling off a few things first). On Kat’s wrist, the Monta Atlas with Opaline dial that she is checking out from our friends over at Monta.

Now for today’s topic…bring on #allthewatches. We’re giving you our thoughts and initial reactions to some amazing watches that we have in for review. From the new Christopher Ward collaboration with our friends over at Worn & Wound, to a while selection of watches from Hamilton including the Ventura, Intramatic, and PSR. We’ve got the new Astor & Banks Fortitude and the Fears Brunswic Salmon (though both of these will have separate episodes later so for today, we’re just teasing our thoughts). Also up for discussion are the Farer Bradfield and Dryden Pathfinder. We told you, there’s a lot of watches. So we want to hear, what are your thoughts?

A huge thank you to all of the brands that continue to send us pieces for review and to check out. It goes a long way in supporting the podcast and our content.

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