Watches, Tech, and Gear…Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide – Podcast Episode 110

The holidays are finally here which means that rush to find the perfect gift for a friend, family member, or loved one. We all know the stress of feeling overwhelmed this time of year…so many gifts to buy, not enough time, and no clue where to start. Fear not listeners, we are here with our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide to throw some ideas at you. Even better, we’ve reached out to a few friends of ours to ask for their suggestions. We’ve broken it down into six categories and have each made a suggestion for something that we would recommend.

Be sure to listen to today’s episode for the details on why we chose these things, but here they are listed out with links so that you can check them all out!

WATCHES After all, this is a watch podcast of course, so we must include something for those into watches. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or someone else, finding that perfect watch can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. So what would we two ladies plus special guest Jenni Elle recommend?

Astor & Banks Fortitude 

Hamilton Khaki Field King

Swatch Big Bold Jellyfish

Patek 5180/1R


EVERYDAY CARRY Those little things we can’t quite live without that make our lives a thousand times easier. You know what we’re talking about…those items that you just dread leaving the house without. EDC means different things to different people, so here are a few suggestions for those looking to give the gift of stability in day to day life from us as well as friends Zachary Piña and Cole Pennington.

Bellroy Card Sleeve

Apple Air Pods

Muyshondt Flieger 1930 Flashlight

Muyshondt Beagle Titanium Flashlight

Ace Clyde Natural Canvas Micarta Knife


Edge 1613 Sunglasses

Axiom Pack


PHOTOGRAPHY Whether shopping for yourself or someone else, photography gear can be quite daunting. It is also incredibly personal, with photographers often having preferences as to what kind of gear and accessories they carry. o what do you get the photographer on your list? We are partnering with our friend Adrian of Bark & Jack for some suggestions. 

Adobe Cloud Subscription

Portable Tripod

Light and Soft Box

Aputure Studio LED Light

Foam Card


TECH Odds are someone on your holiday shopping list is a tech junkie. And even if they aren’t, you know you are! So what do you get that person who wants the newest gear around?

Apple iPad

Moleskin Smart Writing System


ALCOHOL There’s just something special about bonding with a group of friends over a drink. Stories are told, memories are made, laughs are shared…connections that last a lifetime. While we may be missing out on so much of that companionship lately, it doesn’t mean you can’t share something fun with that special person that you miss sharing a drink with. Here we have our suggestions as well as Chase from Oak & Oscar chiming in for a gift guide.

Insulated Wine Cooler Bag

Dive Bar Shirt Club Membership

FEW Spirits

Kinto Travel Tumbler


FASHION Our final category for the Tenn & Two 2020 Holiday gift guide is Fashion. And we couldn’t think of anyone else than good friend Nicholas Bowman-Scargill of FEARS Watches to help us out here.

Pedro and Tailor Sweatshirt

Boston Sherling Birkenstock

Cad & The Dandy Tailored Face Mask

Slim Card Holder


Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Tenn & Two Podcast. We hope you enjoyed today’s episode and if so, be sure to tell your friends and spread the word! Also be sure to leave us a review on whatever platform you listen in through. Let us know what your gift suggestions are too!

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