Pushing the Envelope with NOMOS and Brinkers – Podcast Episode 109

Today’s episode of Tenn & Two is filled with lots of exciting voices as we celebrate the launch of a new timepiece for our friends Brinkers Jewelers. As a bit of a back story before we get into today’s podcast, our relationship with Brinkers Jewelers began late last year when the guys from Monta Watches came to visit here in Nashville. Dean (who you’ll meet later on) came down for a visit and we have chatted on and off since. A few months ago, we made a quick car ride up to Evansville, Indiana to visit them in person and were beyond impressed with their service and facilities. So when Dean mentioned they had a new watch coming out with a brand that we have both loved for some time, we couldn’t resist hopping on a Zoom call, making some new friends, and learning all about it! Today we are joined not only by Dean Powell of Brinker’s Jewelers but also by Merlin Schwertner and Martina Etti of NOMOS.

We start our podcast today by speaking with Merlin Schwertner (son of the founder of NOMOS). It’s hard to believe that a brand so well established is still so relatively “new” in watch terms that we can actually speak with someone who was there when it was founded. Merlin takes us through some of the important bits of history with the brand, and there was honestly so much that the two of us learned during this chat. But one of the things that Merlin and Martina (who you’ll hear from in a bit) insisted that we discuss is German Watchmaking which we found quite interesting that they were so passionate and proud about. This year celebrated 175 years of watchmaking in Glashüette which was celebrated by NOMOS as well even though the brand wasn’t around at the time. Merlin explains why this matters so much to the brand and the significance of German watchmaking in a world where “Swiss Made” is perceived as superior. We discuss a few of the passion projects that the brand has bee unaffiliated with over the years, which leads us to their relationship with Brinker’s Jewelers…

And it is here that we meet our next two guests, Dean Powell of Brinker’s Jewelers and Martina Etti who was one of the very first NOMOS employees. For anyone not familiar with Brinker’s, Dean gives us a quick history on the jeweler and how they became so closely affiliated with NOMOS, while Martina breaks down why working with jewelers has always been of such importance for the brand. But let’s get to the reason that the five of us are all together today, which is a new limited edition watch collaborating between Brinker’s Jewelers and NOMOS.

The Brinker’s Jewelers Club 48 is celebrating the 48th anniversary of Brinker’s Jewelers (just a heads up, there may be more planned for the next few years). In a first of its kind for the brand, the case is entirely matte finished, a process that Dean and Martina discuss for our listeners. Paired with a gorgeous matte grey dial and highly contrasting blue markers, it truly is something unique for the brand. The watch retains all of the traditional CLub measurements, at 38.5mm and height of 8.3mm.

What’s also unique from our perspective is how excited everyone in this process was. It’s easy to get caught up in the “another new limited edition” lull, but in speaking with Dean about this project for almost a year now, you can truly hear the passion and enthusiasm come out. Whether you’ve ever shopped at Brinker’s Jewelers or not, or even if you’ve never heard of them, they’ve created something completely different that anyone can enjoy.

Head over to the Brinker’s Jewelers website and check it out for yourself! And a huge thank you to Merlin, Martina, and Dean for joining us today.



*A note to our listeners: Today’s Podcast is not sponsored by either NOMOS nor Brinker’s Jewelers. This is a project that both of us ladies were quite excited about from a jeweler who has become a friend and a brand that we are both passionate about. 

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