Our November Q&A Episode – Podcast 108

The end of the month always (well, sometimes more than others) leads to one of our favorite episode topics, a Q&A. We put out an Instagram story asking you, our listener, for your questions about watches, photography, podcasting, life…really whatever you want us to talk about. And this month you didn’t disappoint! So much so that we decided to take a full hour to tackle many as we can!

Are wrist shots cliché? How can you improve your watch photography through your phone?What do we think is the next “big” step for watches and watchmaking? Lange or Patek? Listen in and hear our thoughts on these and many more of your questions. Remember to be on the lookout on our Instagram monthly for stories asking for your input! Thanks as always for tuning in and participating y’all!

Today’s episode is brought to you by our friends at Topper Jewelers who have a huge announcement. Along with the almost twenty watch brands they carry, Topper Jewelers has added Breitling to their amazing lineup. The team that prides themselves in details and customer service have now partnered with the brand equally focused on quality and craftsmanship. You can head to their website www.topperjewelers.com to check out their entire Breitling selection, including some of this year’s hottest releases.

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