Talking Watches with Adrian from Bark & Jack – Podcast Episode 107

Welcome to Episode 107 of the Tenn & Two Podcast. Today we are thrilled to be joined by a special guest and good friend of ours, Adrian Barker of the popular YouTube channel Bark & Jack. Well before the two of us began this podcast, we have been fans of Adrian’s for some time. And now that we are great friends too, it only made sense to finally get him onto the podcast to talk about the things we are passionate about.

Of course, we begin our chat today talking photography. As a subject that all three of us are incredibly passionate about, this was bound to be a point of discussion. We talk gear, our histories in photography, and how it affects our love of horology. We also bring up the pressures of photography in social media, seeking out that perfect shot every single time. Speaking of horology, the three of us dive into how photography affects our outlook on watches and our collections in general.

Later in today’s show, we chat about being a “Rolex Fanboy”. Of course, this can be for any brand, but the idea is the same. Having a collection of mostly one brand of watch labels you a fanboy of that brand which seems to be followed by a negative attitude, but what’s wrong with that? The three of us dive into the topic and why it shouldn’t matter. The moral of the story, like what you like. Wear what you want. You can be loyal to a brand and that’s okay. And you are allowed to change your mind. This hobby is a journey, and we should all enjoy it a bit more without caring about what everyone else thinks.

As we move through the podcast and wrap things up, we chat about upcoming projects and passions. Adrian’s video style has changed in recent months and he is pursuing some new ideas in regards to his watch content, including incorporating some other content more like photography. Either way, we are curious to see what comes up next!

Oh, and before we forget today’s writ check! Adrian starts us off with his Rolex Explorer 14270, a watch that he actually bought to flip yet it has stuck in his collection years later. On Kat’s wrist, the Oris Pointer Date while Katlen is wearing the Omega Aqua Terra.

A huge thank you to Adrian for spending an afternoon with us to hang out and chat. Be sure to follow him along on YouTube and Instagram. And head over to his website where he has amazing content and some of our favorite watch straps.

Today’s episode is brought to you by our friends at Topper Jewelers who have a huge announcement. Along with the almost twenty watch brands they carry, Topper Jewelers has added Breitling to their amazing lineup. The team that prides themselves in details and customer service have now partnered with the brand equally focused on quality and craftsmanship. You can head to their website to check out their entire Breitling selection, including some of this year’s hottest releases.

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