Reviewing the Formex REEF – Podcast Episode 106

Welcome to today’s episode of the Tenn & Two Podcast where we are spending today’s episode reviewing the new REEF dive watch from Formex Watches. A brand that we have spoken about several times on the podcast before, we were quite excited to finally get some hands-on experience with Formex when they sent over their newest release. If we’re being honest, our original intent was just to check it out and get some experience with it. But sometimes, a watch comes in and surprises us both, as is the case for the REEF diver. Instead of a write-up, we thought we’d go ahead and do a podcast review so that our listeners can get a better idea of why we found this watch to be so impressive.

If you’re new to our podcast reviews, they all follow the same format. We begin today’s episode going over the specs of the Formex REEF Diver as well as some of our initial thoughts. After that, it’s on to our opinions. As watch collectors, there are a few questions that both of us like to ask ourselves each time we are considering the purchase of a new timepiece. So, we tailor our watch reiew episodes around these core questions:

1.) What are our favorite and least favorite features?

2.) How versatile did we find the watch to be and does the timepiece suit its designated purpose?

3.) Does the watch offer a fair value for its cost?

4.) Would this get regular wear and last long term in my collection?

Additionally, we did something a little different today and answered a few questions that our listeners had about the REEF Diver. So how did it stack up? Listen in for our thoughts and let us know what you think!

We want to give a huge thanks to the team over at Formex for allowing us a few weeks with their new REEF Diver. To check out more information on this or any of their other timepieces, head over to the Formex website.



Note: None of our reviews are paid for or sponsored by the brand in any way and never will be. 

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