Josh Perez, Photographer and Co-Founder of Pedro & Tailor and Sett – Podcast Episode 105

Welcome to another episode of the Tenn & Two podcast featuring a chat with friend and fellow watch lover Josh Perez. For those who may not be familiar with Josh, he is a phenomenal photographer who focuses on lifestyle and adventure. Fortunately for us, those adventures have grown to include watches, even partnering with Hodinkee on a few projects. This year, Josh started a new endeavor called Pedro & Taylor, incorporating his “Life of Wonder” mindset into a lifestyle brand.

After an introduction and learning a bit about Josh, we dive into photography and adventure. Josh chats about how photography has made such an impact on his life and the journey into being a full time content creator, including some of the amazing projects he has worked on. We move into learning about his newest project, Pedro & Tailor, and what life has been like starting a brand as the pandemic took grasp of the world around him. “A Life of Wonder” is a recurring theme for many of Josh’s projects, so we dive into what exactly that means. A topic of conversation that Kat brings up is the fact that Pedro & Tailor includes watches in much of their lifestyle photography, specifically microbrands. We discuss why supporting small businesses and microbrands matters so much, and learn a bit about Josh’s journey into watches along the way.

Today is all about hanging out and chatting about things we enjoy while getting to know someone we’ve been fans of for quite a while a bit better. Head over to the Pedro & Tailor website to check out Josh’s lifestyle brand. You can also follow Josh and his photography over on Instagram @joshuaedric.

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