October Q&A – Podcast Episode 103

Welcome to another episode of the Tenn & Two Podcast where today we are bringing y’all one of our favorite types of episodes, listener Q&A. Once a month (when we remember), we’ll toss a story on Instagram asking for your questions and then record a podcast dedicated solely to answering them. This week, our listeners submitted some absolutely phenomenal questions and we are excited to dive into them. But before, we dive into these questions, we get to our customary wrist watch check. On Kat’s wrist, the new Formex Reef Diver that we are checking out for just a bit while Katlen is wearing the Brew Retromatic that we also have in for review.

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Let’s get into the fun of Q&A. Here are the questions that we get into this week!

“Do you think more brands should offer midsize versions of watches like OMEGA’s old SMP midsize?” – @mr_wevaah35

“Thoughts on Sinn watches?” – @gelatomancer

Sinn 104 White

“Grand Seiko quartz watches: yay or nay?” – @jasper_hk_

A two-part question from our friend @1watch2watch3watchmore “Part 1- If each of you could have one watch of the other’s collection which would it be?” and “Part 2 – Which watch of yours would you be willing to trade for it?”

“What’s your buying strategy? Credit card? Sell one watch buy another? Or save for months?” –  @jaredv43

“What’s an unattainable grail watch for you?” – @clever_baked

“If you could own any Speedy vintage or modern, which one would it be and why?” –  @timekeeperslibrary

“MONTA, Oak & Oscar, or Astor & Banks? Only one! Which one is it?” –  @watch_obbsesion

“When is it acceptable for a young watch brand to do their first LE?” – @montawatch

“Why can’t we stop and just be fine with the collection we have?” – @acrylic_hand

“What do you ladies think of Bremont and IWC, especially their pilot watches?” – @rfguimarasef

“Any watches you hesitated in buying, missed out and regretted not pulling the trigger?” – @blue_moose_racing


“Dream guest?” – @socalwatchreviews


 “What’s the first watch you would co buy together and why?” – @donttellthewifewatches


Well, that’s it for this episode. We hope you enjoyed and we’ll be chatting to you all again next week!




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