Catching Up While Hands-On with New Releases – Podcast Episode 102

Welcome to Episode 102 of the Tenn & Two Podcast and since it’s been a while since just the two of us have caught up and chatted about new releases (which there have been plenty of), that’s what we are focusing today’s episode on. After a bit of chat about Kat’s recent trip and a few things the two of us have going on, we get into the swing of things and talking watches with our customary wrist watch check. On Katlen’s wrist today, the Monta Atlas that admittedly hasn’t been getting as much attention as it should. Meanwhile Kat is wearing her Seamaster 300m back on bracelet as we discuss the fact that this was the only watch she took with her to Colorado.

Today’s episode is brought to you by our friends at Topper Jewelers. Last year’s surprise hit from G-Shock, the CasiOak, has landed at Topper Jewelers, and the best part is that you can get one absolutely free with the purchase of select G-Shock models. Head over to to view their vast assortment of G-Shock timepieces that are included in this offer as well as the details on how to get your free CasiOak today. Hurry though, supplies are limited and we all know how popular this watch can be! 

And now for today’s episode. There have been a ton of exciting new watch releases, and have been beyond fortunate enough to have gotten hands-on experience with several of these timepieces and decide to dedicate the episode chatting about our experiences with them. Today we are talking about our hands-on experience with the Brew Retromatic which was just released today. A new addition by a brand that we have come to adore, the Retromatic lives up to its retro namesake perfectly and we’ve enjoyed spending a couple of weeks with it.

Brew Retromatic

Another watch we have been spending some time with and chat about is the Oris Roberto Clemente limited edition pointer date which is an incredibly cool piece. Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, it’s a great timepiece that is incredibly versable. Of course, another new Oris that was finally in for us to see would be the limited edition Topper Jewelers Maxi Divers Sixty Five which Kat was able to spend some time with and discusses her thoughts. While on the topic of Oris, our chat turns to their new in house movement that was recently introduced and how phenomenal it is for the watch community. We dive in on some of our favorite features and why it matters for the industry as well as our hopes going forward.

There’s an incredibly cool and, well, different timepiece that we are spending some time with from the team at Eone Watches. The Bradley is a unique watch designed to celebrate inclusivity. While it was created as a timepiece for disabled consumers, the bold and contemporary design makes it a modern statement piece and we are excited to do an upcoming review on it. We chat about one last watch that we just received in from Formex for an upcoming review, their REEF diver.  Finally, we wrap up today talking about a new watch from Astor & Banks that has us incredibly excited for the microbrand industry and what it has in store for women.

We hope you enjoyed today’s episode. We’ll have some on the wrist reviews of a few pieces we spoke of today and be sure to check out the brand’s websites for more information about these and other pieces.


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