Talking Grand Seiko and Sharing Watches with @mrgrandseiko – Podcast Episode 101

Welcome y’all to another episode of the Tenn & Two Podcast as we are joined by a friend of ours, Daniel Yong (Instagram @mrgrandseiko) who is an avid Grand Seiko fan and friend of ours from Australia. You may remember a few weeks ago that we spoke with Jenni Elle and the topic of Grand Seiko came up. Well, that got us thinking about the topic a bit more and we decided that we wanted to sit down and really dig into it from an enthusiast’s point of view. Who better to do that with that Mr. Grand Seiko himself, so sit back and enjoy!

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Now, let’s get into today’s show with Daniel Yong, self-proclaimed Grand Seiko fanboy who also runs the blog Mr. Zaratsu (click here) with contribution from his good friend Jimmy (@toketime). Daniel could have one of the most unique “first watch” stories, with a Casio gifted to him from his Uncle who was a night club bouncer. We chat about the watches and his journey moving up from that Casio which included Seikos, Longines, JLC, and even a Rolex Explorer before he discovered Grand Seiko through their growing popularity in the forums.

This segues perfectly into our main chat today as we discuss Grand Seiko from a collector’s standpoint. Some of the main topics we’re chatting today are the misconception that having “Seiko” on the dial cheapens the brand; how the Japanese culture drives the brand in design and storytelling; and what has caused the growing popularity of the brand.

Wrist Watch Check

We may have forgotten in the beginning but we make our way into this tradition of ours and knock out a quick wrist watch check before we move into our next topic. Daniel, who came on a watch podcast, is watchless at the time of recording (we know we know, but in his defense, it is morning for him). Kat’s still rocking the OMEGA Seamaster 300m white dial on bracelet while Katlen is wearing her son’s Hamilton Pilot Day-Date.


Well, we wrap up our Grand Seiko chat with one final quote from Mr. Grand Seiko himself: “Why the Hate Man” and move onto another fun topic. Kat noticed an entry to the Mr. Zaratsu blog in which Daniel posted an article discussing sharing watches with his friend Jimmy, which is something that we two Kats have joked about for some time and never could commit to. The idea was Jimmy’s as a way to try out new watches that they were hesitant to pay full price for without seeing in person first. Disclaimer, it is only suggested to do it with a very close friend and Daniel is really trying to push us Kats into doing this. We’ll never say never, but we’re pretty sure we are too selfish for this. Overall it is such an interesting idea and a great way to maybe even “step up” to something different that you usually wouldn’t have been able to purchase.
Also, watches are basically our children and we want to make our own memories.


A few of the watches we talked about today:

The SBGV245 that Katlen is currently obsessing over. (also follow @collector.101 on Instagram for amazing photos of this and other watches)






The Grand Seiko Godzilla limited edition




Kat’s former SBGM221








Daniel’s recent purchase, the SBGP005








SBGW031 – Daniel’s first Grand Seiko that he purchased for himself






The first “shared custody” watch between Daniel and Jimmy, an Atelier Wen.


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