Introducing the Oris Calibre 400: Innovation Made for Everyday Life

Let’s face it, life can be tough sometimes. No no no, we’re not talking about for us, but for the watches on our wrists that accompany us through every moment and quite frankly, take one hell of a beating. The world advances. Humanity presses onward and upward. Technology grows in leaps and bounds. And we expect our watches to keep up with all of it. But here’s the reality, many of our watches can’t quite do so and are tripped up by what the world throws at them. The number of timepieces on the market today are still using the same antiquated technology that has been around for hundreds of years is actually mind-blowing, and that’s just not cutting it anymore.

Oris has recognized that things need to change, and they have spent the last five years developing a revolutionary new movement to keep up with today’s world. Introducing the Oris Calibre 400. Independently conceived by Oris, Calibre 400 sets a new standard in the world of mechanical watchmaking and celebrates the joy of mechanics. The goal seemed simple enough, develop a movement that was both accurate and made for the world today while keeping it affordable.

So what makes Calibre 400 so special?

5 Day Power Reserve: Real talk, most of us have more than one watch in our collections, so we all know the feeling of picking up a dead mechanical watch that you just wore a few days ago. With the new Calibre 400, Oris has integrated a twin barrel power reserve system with barrels house an extended mainspring, each long enough to hold 2.5 days and giving the wearer a total of 120 hours of power.

More Stable Rotor System: Did you know that the rotor of a mechanical watch is one of the leading causes for servicing, specifically the ball bearing system that allows the rotor to spin? The engineers at Oris reimagined how this pivotal mechanical system operates, removing the problematic ball bearing system and replacing it with a low-friction slide system. Essentially, with the use of a metal stud and lubricated sleeve, this new design is much less complex, leading to a drastic reduction in wear and tear and making the rotor less prone to breakdowns.

Highly Anti-Magnetic: There’s that old idea that you’ve got to see something to believe it. While we cannot see magnetism around us, we do see the lasting effects that it has on our watches. As we advance more and more as a society, the electromagnetic fields around us grow too, wrecking havoc and causing our watches to run erratically or even quit running altogether. Laptops, airport security scanners, magnets on our IPad cases, toasters, ovens, hairdryers…there’s just no getting away from it. Oris recognized the growing problem and the importance of having highly accurate timepieces. After all, what’s the point in having a fine mechanical timepiece if it doesn’t even tell you the time accurately? For that reason, the Calibre 400 has been designed using more than 30 non-ferrous and anti-magnetic components, including a silicon escape wheel and a silicon anchor. These components allow the Calibre 400 to exceed the norms required by the ISO 764 enhanced anti-magnetic standard.

Longer Warranty and Recommended Service Intervals: and we’re not talking about small numbers either. The Calibre 400 has a recommended service interval of TEN YEARS! And just to prove how confident the brand is in this new movement, Oris is extending their warranty on it to match, giving consumers an equally impressive 10-year warranty when registered at MyOris.

High power and purpose-built for people in love with watches. That sums up everything that Oris has done over the years, and hits the nail on the head when describing the new Calibre 400. Innovation isn’t easy, but it is necessary. The world is changing, and it is about time our watches can keep up. Fingers crossed this revolutionary movement for the Swiss brand makes its way into the Oris catalogue soon.

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