Catching Up with Bark & Jack and Scottish Watches – Podcast Episode 99

Welcome to Episode 99 of Tenn & Two as we are catching up with our friends from across the pond about life and watches these last few months. That’s right, it’s another episode of Hautix as we are joined with Adrian from Bark & Jack as well as Rick and Rikki from Scottish Watches. With no planned topics or agenda, a bit of chaos will ensue. But we all agree this is actually one of our favorite episodes all together as we chat about and dive into a few topics that we are all quite passionate about.

Wrist Watch Check

Before we get too far into this episode (and after herding the guys into some sort of organized format), we go ahead and knock out a quick wrist watch check. On Katlen’s wrist, the Hamilton Pilot Day Date while Kat has the Seamaster Diver 300m on her wrist today. As far as the guys, Adrian is wearing the white Hamilton Khaki field with the bronze Zelos on Rikki’s wrist and Rick has the Hanhart Desert Pilot on the wrist.

The guys from Scottish Watches start us off talking about the new c60 Chronograph from Christopher Ward, which brings up a chat about water resistance and chronographs. And by chat we mean a heated discussion (argument) mostly between Katlen and Rick that gets absolutely nowhere about why water resistance matters so much and why 50m is unacceptable. So, enjoy that. Eventually that all stops and we move on chatting about a few other topics including the new Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph.

Adrian reveals that he has a new video about the Apple Watch series 6 out. (And we promise our next video will be out soon, but we are definitely focusing on the podcast most!)

We wrap up our episode with a rather in depth and unusually serious chat with the guys. The topic: integrity. It is something that is incredibly important to all of us as we strive every day to hold our heads high in creating the business that our passions have led to. We talk about openness in content production, advertising, and the realities that what we do is incredibly time consuming and what that means to each of us.

From us ladies at Tenn & Two, Adrian from Bark & Jack, and the Ricks of Scottish Watches, we hope that you enjoyed today’s episode. Be sure to follow the guys over on their respective platforms and we’ll be chatting with y’all again soon!

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