Eone Watches – Celebrating Diversity on World Sight Day

It’s beyond easy to get caught up in the “first world problems” that surround this hobby we call watch collecting. “Is this too big for my wrist?” “How long is the wait list for that watch?” “You’re wrong, my watch is better than yours.”  “I really love this watch except for (insert some highly trivial feature here).” But what about those who can’t see what time it is? While an entire industry seems to have discarded this small portion of the population who are vision impaired, there is a watch brand that has embraced diversity head-on, creating a watch that you can both see and feel to tell the time.

Launched on Kickstarter in 2013, Eone Watches aren’t new to the scene by any stretch of the imagination. But as today, October 8, is World Blindness Day, we thought it only appropriate to shine some light on this watch brand that is celebrating inclusivity in a big way. Eone was forged out of necessity, to solve a problem that was only answered by talking watches, expensive minute repeaters, or Braile watches that are easily broken. But with a goal of inclusivity, the brand wanted to make something fashion-forward that was accessible to everyone. So what was their solution? The Bradley.

The Bradley was named after former naval officer Bradley Snyder, who became blind while diffusing bombs serving in Afghanistan. Never accepting his new disability as a hindrance, Bradley focused on swimming, competing in the Paralympics in 2012 and 2016 where he not only shattered a world record but also won both gold and silver medals. The name seemed perfect for a watch designed to prove that disabilities don’t have to limit livelihoods. With a diverse catalog of timepieces available, the Eone Bradley all follow the same general feature set. There are raised hour markers that allow you to feel the time while two magnetized ball bearings travel around the watch in separate, recessed tracks. The “minute” indicator travels alongside the inner dial while the “hour” indicator travels a separate track on the outside edge of the case. To tell the time by touch, the user would run their finger over the raised hour markers, feeling the markers where the ball bearings are located.

Available in both a 40mm and 36mm case size, there are tons of options to chose from in materials such as stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic and even more dial and strap combinations. By doing so, Eone has made a timepiece that is not only practical for everyone, regardless of their disability, but also fashionable for anyone to enjoy on the wrist. And being quartz-powered, the watches range from $260 to $350 with a full two-year warranty which makes them accessible for most everyone to enjoy.

Being that World Sight Day is celebrated every October, the brand is giving back in a big way. Eone has partnered with celebrity chef Christine Ha to help spread awareness and the message that everyone should have access to products and services that are both beautiful and functional. Head over to the link here and check out Eone’s contest for World Sight Day. They are inviting fans to design their own colorway for the Bradley and submit them in a simple three-step process for Christine Ha to judge. A winner will be selected who will receive one of fifteen uniquely created Bradley watches. Also, from October 8 through 31st, Eone will donate a portion of their profits to their partner Vision Care.

Unique watches that are made for everyone and give back…what more could you ask for?

For more information about Eone Watches, head over to their website www.eone-time.com.

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