50th Anniversary Speedmaster and Other New Releases – Podcast Episode 97

Welcome to episode 97 of the Tenn & Two podcast as we record on an exciting launch day with OMEGA releasing the new Apollo 13 Speedmaster which we of course are going to spend some time talking about. But before we get to that, we’re catching up and discussing some of the most “interesting to us” watch releases in the last couple of weeks. Also, what would a Tenn & Two Podcast be without a few distractions and random side bars. So, sit back and enjoy!

Wrist Watch Check

Before we get too far into today’s episode, we two Kats start things off with a wrist watch check. Katlen is embracing the Apollo spirit today as she has her Speedmaster Moonphase paired with a leather strap from today’s sponsor StrapsCo (more on that a bit later). On Kat’s wrist, also feeling the OMEGA vibes today is her Seamaster 300m.

A quick thank you to our sponsor StrapsCo. They say variety is the spice of life, and that is most definitely true when it comes to changing up the look of your watch with a new band. StrapsCo has a huge selection of watch straps and bracelets to cover all of your timepiece needs. With a diverse variety of sizes, strap types, and materials, you’re sure to find exactly that perfect new strap or bracelet to complement your watch perfectly. Additionally, StrapsCo offers not only free shipping world wide, but also a continuous buy two get one free promotion on everything sold through their website. As a special promotion for Tenn  & Two listeners, StrapsCo is offering an additional 15% off of your purchases with the promo code “POD15” which can even be combined with their Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer. Head over to their website www.strapsco.com to see their wide variety of options for all watch types and be sure to use promo code “POD15”. 

And now for the good stuff! We promise we will talk about Snoopy, eventually! This episode actually took a full day to record from start to finish (thank you OMEGA for releasing the Snoopy hours after most other watch releases debut). Let’s chat about a few of our favorite and the biggest releases in the last two weeks:

FEARS Watches Brunswisk Additions

The first release we chat about comes from our dear friend Nicholas over at FEARS watches and two lovely additions to his Brunswick collection. We chat quite a bit about what makes these watches so special and why they have made such an impression on us. Both releases are a home run in our opinion, and we are fortunate enough that we should be getting one of the new Salmon dial Brunswick’s here in a few weeks to check out in person. For more information, check out www.fearswatches.com. Also check out these awesome photos that Nicholas had done specifically for us to use! *insert heart eyes emoji here

Tudor Launches the Royal World Wide

While the Tudor Royal may not be the newest release after it’s initial launch a few months ago for the Asian market, recently the brand has launched them internationally. In total, there are 52 references to the collection ranging in sizes from 41mm to 28. We discuss our thoughts on the overall design aesthetic and how we see it working for Tudor (if at all). For more information about the watches individually, you can check out www.tudorwatch.com.


Seiko Ice Divers

Seiko is back at it again with another awesome trio of watches designed for the explorer at heart, the Seiko Ice Diver. Ok, so we may have gotten a little lost somewhere in this segment…there was something about stories and Seiko/Grand Seiko, and cherry blossoms which led to NFL Drafts and old Nashville versus New Nashville but we promise that we make it back to chat about how awesome we find these watches. At $900, the price has been scoffed at a bit, with some questioning if Seiko is outpricing themselves which we address here.


“A few hours later…”

OMEGA Launches the 50th Anniversary Apollo 13 Snoopy

Well, this may have taken two parts to record but OMEGA has finally launched their newest special edition timepiece celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13. Honestly, we aren’t going into specifics here because at this point everyone has seen the photos online and the details, instead we focus on some of our favorite features about this. We’re also honest about our initial sticker shock, but once you understand the technicalities that go into the additional caseback complication, we are pretty sure it’s worth it. Of course, we have to compare it with the Silver Snoopy from five years ago too. So which is our favorite? You’ll have to listen and learn.


Thank you again for joining us on another episode of Tenn & Two. We hope that you’ve enjoyed and look forward to chatting again soon!

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