Jenni Elle: YouTube Queen – Podcast Episode 95

We’re here for Episode 95 of the Tenn & Two Podcast and we could not be more excited to be joined once again by special guest, good friend, and YouTube Queen Jenni Elle.

Before we dive into today’s chat, we play a bit of catch up with Jenni as the last time the three of us spoke was actually just a few short months after she started her YouTube channel (click here and check out our original interview if you haven’t already). Oh, we were so young and full of hope…the world wasn’t ending yet and we were so hopeful about what 2020 and the watch world would bring. But since we are catching up, we spend time talking about how Covid-19 has affected both Jenni and her YouTube channel, including the challenges of creating content during these difficult times and how she was able to overcome that. This leads us down a bit of a rabbit hole about YouTube in general as we discuss how different of a platform it can be.


Wrist Watch Check

Jenni keeps us on track with a wrist watch check as we learn that she made a few new purchases during quarantine. We start with what’s on her wrist, her new Seiko Presage Cocktail Time with red dial (SRP SRP853J1) on a matching red strap. Her other Covid purchase, the Seiko Tank quartz edition (SFP908P1) which helped scratch her tank itch, leading us to chat about homages and our thoughts on them.

Kat is quick to point out that Katlen is double wristing today (which is pretty much a daily thing for her) as she wears the Apple Watch on the right side. Her watch of choice today is the Fears Redcliff that we celebrated the one year anniversary of the podcast with on a leather nato strap. On Kat’s wrist, the Seamaster 300m that she had made a bet with James from Worn and Wound with (*editors note, Kat has since won the bet so future wrist shots can be anything she would like).


As we discuss larger watches, Jenni asks our thoughts on titanium which leads to a discussion where we two ladies pretty much agree with her husband, Kai, in that we are not the biggest fans of the material, but at least she gets to enjoy all the Grand Seiko watches that we want so badly. Also, she promises that she does like Gand Seiko, and we are working on getting her set up with some watches!

Ok, let’s talk about what Jenni has going on now! One of her favorite watches that she has had in for review lately is the Oris Pro Pilot X which she unexpectedly admired much more than she thought. Another project that she is incredibly excited about is her new Cartier video that dropped shortly after this podcast was recorded. While on the topic, we discuss some of our least favorite watches to shoot photos and video of, and learn that Kat is in desperate need of a ski mask.


Let’s Talk Rolex

It was just a week or so after Rolex dropped their new releases that we sat down and spoke with Jenni so of course we had to get her thoughts. To sum it up, she’s not mad about it. Jenni talks about how the brand continues to refine their timepieces to hold value and stay true to identity. And we all agree that the use of colors in the new Oyster Perpetuals is a very welcome addition. We break down the collection and new submariner bezel colors a bit more, and Jenni throws out some fantasy picks that Rolex NEEDS to hear!


…and then we move to Apple Watches

Rolex, leads to “boyfriend watches”, to fashion watches, and now Apple Watches? Jenni brings up the fact that she has been considering picking up an Apple Watch for some time now. So we chat about the benefits of the Apple Watch and how it fits into his life. As Jenni says, “it’s the 21st-century tool watch”.


Ok, ok. We don’t talk Apple Watches for long as we move into what is on Jenni’s radar next. While the Seiko tank may have scratched her tank itch, she is still lusting over a Cartier and possibly looking at the Santos as a future purchase. But what she is most excited about, the Seiko Street fighter series and she might possibly be the only person on a wait list for it (does Seiko even do wait lists?).


Jenni then comes at us with the hard question of what watch/hobby mashup would you want to see which can possibly be the hardest question we’ve ever been asked. Good luck answering! In the meantime, keep your eyes out for the Jenni Elle music video!

The biggest “Thank You” to Jenni for hanging out with us and catching up while chatting watches and life. If you haven’t checked out her YouTube channel before, you can find it here!

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