Celebrating the Past While Looking to the Future, New Releases from FEARS Watches

Today sees the launch of not one, but two new timepieces from our good friends at FEARS Watches and we couldn’t be more excited. If you are new to our little podcast, you may not be familiar with UK Based FEARS Watches, but you should be! We first met 4th Managing Director Nicholas Bowman-Scargill here in Nashville early last fall. From the beginning he was as British as we could imagine, walking up to us outside of a local Nashville hot chicken iconic restaurant wearing a raincoat, top hat, perfectly tailored suit, even the suspenders. And from the beginning, our friendship was strong. The three of us bonded over lunch, a podcast interview (which you should listen to here), and a meetup with our local watch fam followed by a night spent hanging out and making memories. Our friendship continued to grow from there through countless messages and calls on WhatsApp, and when it came to deciding on what watch to celebrate the first year of our podcast with a FEARS watch was the timepiece of choice! 

Alright alright, I could go on forever about how much we love FEARS watches and how amazing Nicholas is as a brand owner and person (did I mention that he worked at a local grocery store during the pandemic while running a watch brand so that he didn’t have to lay off his own employees). But ok, let’s talk about these new watches.

The first release we see is an exciting new color dial to a collection that both of us ladies have been swooning over for some time, the Brunswick Salmon. Nicholas and the FEARS team looked to pieces produced in the 1940s and 1950s. where several were produced with a rich, coppery, salmon-colored dial and decided to make it modern! The general specifics of the Brunswick stay the same as the prior models, set in 316L steel in a 38x38mm cushion-shaped case with a depth of 11.8mm and sapphire crystal, all powered by a handsomely finished ETA 7001 calibre. The new salmon dial adds a stunning contrast to the already gorgeous white and blue dials offered in the Brunswick collection. The color is a combination of 18k rose gold and copper, and then the dial is vertically brushed by hand!

Aside from this incredibly rich and bold dial color, we see the addition of a new set of numerals from the brand. To know Nicholas and FEARS watches is to know that every single detail matters. Nothing is left to chance. The new “Edwin” numerals (names after the founder of the company) were specially created for FEARS by horological typographer Lee Yuen-Rapati. Lee spent time in the FEARS archive, reviewing the various types of typography used throughout the brand’s rich history, and created a new set of numerals that honored where the brand has been while making them modern for the future. Each applied numeral is cut to a height of 0.5mm and then diamond polished and sandblasted to create a smooth and matte finish. The numerals are then coated in anthracite to give a warm and grey finish before being hand applied. (We told you, attention to detail is an understatement!)

The new Brunswick Salmon are now available on the FEARS website for £3,150 including VAT. We are incredibly excited that Nicholas will be sending us one sometime soon for review and can’t wait to send you our hands-on thoughts and experiences.

Not to be forgotten about is the newest edition of the Brunswick Midas collection from FEARS. If you listen to Nicholas speak in any interview, you can always hear his passion behind this special collection. Echoing the same general case and movement specifications as the Brunwsick Salmon, the Midas is the “gold watch” offering from the brand. But we aren’t just talking any regular yellow or rose gold case. The Midas offers a unique color that is exclusive to FEARS by the method in which they achieve it. The brand starts with a bronze case and plates it in multiple layers of 9k yellow gold and 18k rose gold to achieve their trademark “gold tone”. In person, there aren’t words to describe how stunning the color is as we were fortunate enough to see one during Nicholas’ trip to Nashville. Priced at £4,250.

Oh, we would be remiss to not mention one final detail and addition to these two new Brunswick models. at 6 o’clock, you will see that each dial proudly states “England”. This not only acknowledges that the parts of the watch which were made in the country, but also the fact that every timepiece is handbuilt in England, a fact that Nicholas is incredibly proud of!

Be sure to head over to their website to check out these newest Brunswick models and the rest of the FEARS collection!

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  1. Brunswick Salmons: When will the new batch show? Will they be available in America by E-Shopping to America?

    1. The first few batches of the salmon Brunswicks have sold out but there will be more added. Recommend following @fearswatches on instagram for updates as they’re great at giving them when they restock. The watches are available worldwide online.

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