Chatting with James Helms of Worn & Wound – Podcast Episode 93

Welcome to the Tenn & Two Podcast as we bring to you Episode 93! Today, we are thrilled to be joined by friend of the podcast James Helms as we chat about his life in this hobby and industry, watches, and being a collector.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, James Helms is one of the founders of Worn & Wound. And if you aren’t familiar with those guys then you definitely need to hop over to their website and check them out. Worn & Wound is one of the leading watch media outlets, focusing primarily on timepieces and brands under $2,000 or so. But before we get into all that, we start today’s episode off just learning about James, who got into watches because of a family history of men and their timepieces.

From there we find out a bit more about Worn & Wound. James’ current position focuses on the Wind Up Watch Shop (visit website here), the e-commerce platform for Worn & Wound where 18 watch brands are carried as well as a wide assortment of straps and accessories. The shop has grown in just a few short years to include the Wind Up Watch Fair which includes two (and a third that would have been added this year) watch fairs centered around the brands carried by the Wind Up Watch Shop. This leads us to chatting about one of the things that separate Worn & Wound from every other major watch media and blogging outlet in that the majority of what they focus on are microbrands. James explains why this matters so much to the Worn & Wound team and how that will continue to play a pivotal role in what Worn & Wound does.

Image from Worn & Wound

Our conversation moves into life as watch collectors as we discover that James is living the dream (well, depending on who you ask) by being a one watch wearing guy! Yea, you heard that right. James wears one single watch for months at a time. Even more, he actually uses them, as tools. Yup! Our minds were blown too. But this led us to a discussion on why and how James can be a one watch kind of guy and where it began. We chat about using your watches as the tools they were created as and how his wearing of one watch helps him do that.

…and this brings on the first bet placed on Tenn & Two, and it’s a good one y’all. James asked each of us if we have ever been “one watch people” to which Katlen admitted she had for quite a few years before she got heavy into watches. Kat on the other hand has never gone more than a few days wearing the same watch. So James challenges Kat to see if she can wear the same watch for an extended period of time (until the end of November to be specific). The rules, each of them will wear the exact same watch every single day. Kat will be wearing her new Seamaster Diver 300m while James wears the Marathon Navigator. At stake is $10 (or Kat’s Seamaster, the rules seem to be a bit blurry there). Katlen is the judge so we’ll follow back up at the end of November and see who keeps the 300m Diver and gets $10.


The biggest thank you to James for spending some time chatting with us! Also thanks for ruining bananas for us (you guys will have to listen to know why)! We look forward to meeting in person one of these days and can’t wait to see what comes next for him and the Worn & Wound team!

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