Parker Lieberman of Dial & Bezel – Podcast Episode 92

Welcome to Tenn & Two and episode 92 of the podcast. We are extremely honored to be joined today by long time listener Parker Lieberman. Parker reached out to us a few months ago about a new project that he has been working on to change the way that watches, specifically vintage and unique watches. Curious to learn more?….so are we! 

Dial & Bezel

When we first spoke to Parker about his idea a few months go, we were sold from the beginning. Yes, there are tons of places in which you can buy or sell a watch, but Parker and the Dial & Bezel team are working on building something new and unique. Loosely based on the website, the team has taken some of the most popular and user-friendly features and incorporated them into their new platform. 

Parker goes on to explain many of these features in further detail and why they matter so much to the watch enthusiast community. 

  • Selective Auction Platform: watches are submitted to Dial & Bezel for review before posting. This means the website will not be “bogged down” with duplicate watches or those that are common
  • History and Descriptions: Along with a thorough description of the watch, the Dial & Bezel team provide history about it and the brand on every listing, making it a learning platform as well. 
  • Photography is Key: Gone are the days of dimly lit, blurry watch shots on a posting. Dial & Bezel has partnered with Matt Hranek to feature photography tutorials, ensuring that what is posted is clear and accurate.
  • Open Dialogue: Instead of messaging the seller privately, all communication is done in public via the comment section. Adding a layer of transparency that is often missed in watch sales. 

These are just a few of the features that Parker goes into which make Dial & Bezel such a fascinating platform. Their website just went live a few days ago and now you can head over to see what is being offered. We recommend checking their platform out and getting involved in the open discussions on each of the posts. And if you’re looking to sell something a bit more unique, reach out to the team there and see what options you have. Thank you to Parker for spending some time with us this afternoon and we hope that you all enjoy the chat as much as we did!

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