Reviewing the Moser Stremliner Centre Seconds – Podcast Episode 91

Welcome to Episode 91 of the Tenn & Two Podcast and today we are excited to bring another one of our watch review episodes featuring the H. Moser & Cie Streamliner Centre Seconds. Now, if you haven’t listened to our interview with Moser CEO Edouard Meylan earlier this week (find it here), we highly recommend that you do as we discussed his history, the brand and the idea of being unique in a saturated market, as well as this new Streamliner that we are reviewing today also known as the “Green Dragon”.

Disclaimer…we are going to be honest about something before we get into this review. When the first Streamliner was announced this January, we had some “honest” opinions. Looking back at our interview with Edouard, one of the things that we two ladies really enjoyed was the fact that he was not afraid to call us out on that (which he very playfully did). This was was incredibly different from the brand. Something that none of us ever would have expected. But once you see it in person, once you have it on the wrist, that’s when you can truly appreciate the genius behind the Streamliner and what Moser has done. So, with this being said, let’s get into today’s review.

About the Streamliner

Moser first introduced the Streamliner collection in January of this year as something completely new and refreshing in the oversaturated “integrated sports watch” market. The details of the watch were inspired by locomotives of the 1930s, in which trains were designed to be sleeker in order to run faster and more efficiently. Originally set as a flyback chronograph, the newest variation of Streamliner brings a traditional centre seconds complication to the mix. And as Edouard mentioned during our interview, it won’t be the last.

The Streamliner Centre Seconds is set is a 40mm cushion shaped case that is 11.8mm thick that wears incredibly comfortably on the wrist and is water resistant to 100m. Moser describes the dial as “Matrix Green” and of course, it has the brand’s signature fumé design that makes it iconically Moser paire with a sunbrushed finish. The hour indeces are applied, contrasting the minute track that is broken down into 1/5 second intervals. Keeping it clean and simple, Moser has applied their Glbolight lume to only the hour and minute hands. The Streamliner is powered by the brand’s HMC200 automatic calibre which features a 72 hour power reserve and their innovative Straumann Hairspring. The all brushed case has minor high polished accents, as does the integrated steel bracelet. Non limited edition (unlike the first one) and priced at $21,900.

If you’re new to our reviews, this is why the facts turn to opinion as we two ladies discuss the questions that we ourselves ask when considering any watch purchase. Again, these are all opinions, but gives us a clear and unbiased review of the watch as a whole and how it fits into our lives. The questions we answer during this segment are as follows:

1.) What are our favorite and least favorite features?

2.) How versatile did we find the watch to be and does the timepiece suit its designated purpose?

3.) Does the watch offer a fair value for its cost?

4.) Would this get regular wear and last long term in my collection?

So what did we think overall? Honestly, we are both still in complete shock at how this watch looks and wears in person. Moser did something that is so difficult to do in that they created an icon. There’s nothing else out there that looks remotely similar to this. It’s incredibly easy to roll our eyes at the thought of another integrated bracelet sports watch coming to market, but Moser took the idea and ran with it, creating a new type of sports watch and we are all about it. This is one that pictures describe perfectly, and yet, you still have to try it in person to get a true idea of what this watch is supposed to be. Every little detail has been thought out on how to make something so shocking be so practical and useful. We officially take back our comments that we made in January and if you can, we definitely encourage you to check these out in person!

A huge thank you to Edouard Meylan for spending time with us for this week’s episode. We also would like to thank Gigantem NYC and Moser for sending the Streamliner in for us to review.

For more information, check out the Moser website here.

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