Reviewing Two New Seiko Prospex Street Series Watches – Podcast Episode 87

Welcome to Episode 87 of Tenn & Two and another podcast watch review (well, two watches if we are being technical). Today we are excited to bring to you our podcast review of two new Seiko Prospex Street Series watches (the SNE545 and the SNE547). These two pieces were sent in to us from the awesome team at Seiko, and genuinely we were quite surprised. So, let’s get into the review!


Our History with Seiko

We usually begin these reviews with a bit of history about whatever brand or watch we are talking about, which would just be impossible to cover in such a short period of time so we decided to share some of our personal experiences with the brand. For Kat, that included discussing how an SKX was her very first mechanical timepiece and how that got her into the hobby. Katlen’s first experience with the brand was a bit different as it was with the Orange Samurai that she “bought” from a friend. Both of us have added several Seikos since then and are huge fans of the brand, as are so many of us watch enthusiasts. They have cultivated quite a cult following in the community that is well deserved. So, lets get into this review!


About the SNE545/547

Adding onto their popular “street series”, the SNE545 and 547 were introduced just a few short months ago and we have been crushing on them since. So when the brand reached out about a review, this was definitely on the list to get ahold of. The specs on this watch make it seem so much different than how it is on the wrist! With a size of 46.5mm, 12.7mm thick, and lug to lug of 45.3mm we were genuinely impressed with how they feel on the wrist! At $450, these new watches feature the V157 solar movement which can hold a charge for up to 10 months at +/-15 seconds per month. The watches are ISO certified, with 200m of water resistance and LumiBrite hands and markers. Sold on what could possibly be the most comfortable silicone straps ever, the cases are surrounded by an outer case of what seems to be a matte finish plastic. The SNE545 features a black, white, red, and silver colorway while green, black, and grey dominate the 547.

If you’re new to our reviews, this is why the facts turn to opinion as we two ladies discuss five questions that we ourselves ask when considering any watch purchase. Again, these are all opinions, but gives us a clear and unbiased review of the watch as a whole and how it fits into our lives. The questions we answer during this segment are as follows:

1.) What are our favorite and least favorite features?

2.) How versatile did we find the watch to be?

3.) Does the timepiece suit its designated purpose and work for who it’s designed for?

4.) Does the watch offer a fair value for its cost?

5.) Would this get regular wear and last long term in my collection?

Overall Impressions? Seiko did what it always does in putting out a high quality timepiece that the enthusiast community can support and love. To say this watch is comfortable would be a complete understatement as both of us ladies agree that it is a watch you can put on the wrist and forget all about. The biggest concern comes with the outer case (as we are assuming it is plastic) and what kind of long term durability it may offer, but that case gives an incredibly cool aesthetic that makes these watches unique and trendy. For $450, it’s definitely a winner.

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