Watch Brands That Give Back Part 1 – Podcast Episode 87

Welcome to Episode 87 of Tenn & Two ad the two of us are incredibly excited to bring you an episode that we have been looking forward to for some time. If you’ve listened to the podcast for any amount of time, you will know that we are incredibly passionate about giving back, and seeing watch brands do so gives us an extra appreciation and respect for them. Today we are discussing just that, some of our favorite watch brands that give back to people and the environment, making the world a better place. Speaking of making the world a better place, check out the podcast Dolly Parton’s America which Katlen has been binge listening to this week. It’s a “feel good movie” for your ears.

Wrist Watch Check

Before we get into today’s episode we start things off with a customary wrist watch check. Both of us ladies got in the spirit today with brands that give back in our watch selections. Kat is wearing her stunning Monta OceanKing in the gorgeous blue dial. Monta doesn’t advertise it much, but they are very involved in their local community. During the height of the pandemic, the brand we love and adore purchased thousands of face shields for first responders. On Katlen’s wrist, her Oris Aquis on leather strap. We’ll be speaking about all the cool things Oris does later in the podcast.

Today’s episode of the Tenn & Two podcast is supported by Oris. If you’ve been listening to our podcast from the beginning you’ll know that both of us have been huge fans of Oris watches for a long time. Our excitement for the brand is due to the watches they put out but more their passion for humankind, the environment, and our planet. As the podcast has grown, we have been extremely fortunate to have developed not only a professional relationship, but a true friendship with the team from Oris (anyone who has been listening for a while will remember the ridiculous level of excitement we had when VJ from Oris first reached out to us). When we were developing this episode, the first brand that came to mind for our topic today was Oris. Between their passion for saving our lakes and oceans, their drive to bring men’s health to the forefront, and bringing a bit of joy to the watch world during these recent difficult times from the current pandemic, giving back seems to be a crucial part of the DNA behind the brand. We hope that you enjoy this episode talking about watch brands that are making the world a better place. To learn more, visit their website

So here we are, talking about some of our favorite brands that give back! Y’all, there are so many amazing brands out there doing this, so trust us, this will be the first episode of this type. Today isn’t about the watches, its about the causes behind them. We hope that you enjoy this episode!

Oak & Oscar

A portion of every watch sale from the brand goes to a local dog rescue called One Tail at a Time.


$25 of every Aqua Compressor timepiece sold goes to the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, protecting Scottish Hebridean marine life.


Portions of The Save the Ocean collection are donated to ocean conservation efforts around the globe. The brand also works with filmmaker, ocean explorer and marine conservationist Fabien Cousteau as an ambassador. They also work with Jennie Gilbert who works to rehabilitate sea turtles and return them to the ocean.


Is #alltheconservation a thing? Most recently there was the Hangang Limited Edition Aquis which supports Seoul’s Hangang River. The brand also supports the Coral Restoration Foundation, the foundation Pacific Garbage Screening, the Reef Restoration Foundation. Recently there was the Lake Baikal limited edition Aquis which supports the conservation of the world’s deepest freshwater lake. In keeping with the desire to support the world’s oceans and marine life, Oris partners with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation as well as supporting environmental research for Clipperton Island. But it’s not just about the oceans as Oris partners every year with Movember to bring men’s mental and physical health to the forefront and during this pandemic they gave away 50 timepieces to various first responders. Learn more about the brand at


The brand has been partnered with Ocean Conservancy, a non-governmental organization dedicated to leading the global fight for a healthy ocean and clean beaches since 2018.


OMEGA has quite a bit of history supporting various ocean conservation causes but one thing they aren’t as well known for is their partnership with Orbis. Orbis is a flying hospital that travels to third world countries and performs eye surgery right there on the plane for those with curable and preventable blindness.


While the brand stays quiet about most of their support, Rolex supports  numerous philanthropic endeavors around the world. So much so, that it is actually recognized by the Swiss government as a charitable trust.


NOMOS recently released 6 limited edition watches partnering With Cool Hunting, guaranteeing a minimum donation of $10,000 to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention crisis intervention for LGBTQ youth. They also support Doctors Without Borders and Breast Cancer Awareness.


We hope that you all enjoyed this episode of the podcast learning a bit about some of our favorite watch brands and the causes that they support!

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