We Talk Travel and Watch Collecting with Cole Pennington – Podcast Episode 85

Welcome to Episode 85 of Tenn & Two and we are incredibly excited to be joined by returning guest Cole Pennington. Many of you know Cole from his awesome work at Hodinkee and we are beyond thrilled to call him a friend of the podcast. The last time we all spoke was just a few months ago in May (listen here if you missed it) as we got to know Cole, how he got into the hobby, his history with Hodinkee, and we learned about his upcoming adventure to road trip down south, exploring some lesser known parts of the US.


Our podcast today starts with a general follow up with Cole regarding his recent travels and the overall experience he had. From the Ozarks and the Mississippi Delta, down to the Gulf Coast, his month spent on the road including making once in a lifetime experiences. If you haven’t checked his in depth review of the Marathon Arctic MSAR over on Hodinkee, give it a read as he documents his travels with the new watch on his wrist (you can find it here). During this segment we also chat about the watches that Cole had along the way, including the Seiko Captain Willard. 

Wrist Watch Check

Of course, what would an episode be without a wrist watch check? On Cole’s wrist, the Oris Big Pilot inspired by his weekend trip to Maryland to see one of the first aviation shows of the year which happened to include Major Michelle Curran whom was recently featured in an article he wrote about mechanical timepieces used by the USAF Thunderbirds in their cock pits (available here). On Kat’s wrist, the Seiko Arnie (nicknamed Safarnie) which ties in perfectly with an interesting conversation that the three of us had about earlier about the fact that Seikos now have a wait list. For Katlen, she’s wearing the Aqua Terra that seems to be occupying alot of her wrist time lately (possibly because her Speedmaster has been in Kat’s possession for almost to weeks now). 

Is Kat planning a road trip/camping hiatus of her own? Possibly as she and Cole chat about the specifics of sleeping in a vehicle and how he made it work logistically. After that we move onto our main topic for today.

The Journey of Collecting and Grails

It’s a topic that has been on Katlen’s mind a lot lately…It would seem that recently there have been a ton of good friends picking up grail watches which has led her to wonder about the idea of collecting in general. The more we discuss it, we find out that all three of us have different collecting styles which also reflect on our experience in the hobby in and of itself. As we expand on the topic more, we chat about what constitutes a grail watch and whether or bot you should have one, as well as what you’re supposed to do once you achieve it. 

The conversation turns more to the collecting side of things while we chat about how the internet has influenced watch collecting and buying. Is the “hive mind mentality” the cause of platforms such as forums and social media (we’re looking at you Instagram!). This segment of today’s podcast takes alot of twists and turns and is something that we are all three quite passionate about. The reality is that we talk about watches all the time, but the discussion on collecting seems to be more taboo. Maybe because we don’t want to admit how irrational all this is, or maybe because we are guilty of making purchases based on what others say. 

So do this…once you have listened to this episode, let us know how you collect and what drives your collecting style?

A few additional links to check out  from topics that we discussed today:

We hope you enjoyed today’s chat as much as we did. An a HUGE thank you to Cole for taking the time to hang out with us for a bit and chat watches!

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