MONTA Redefines the Traditional Sports Watch with the Noble

Sports watches and MONTA go together like, well, peanut butter and jelly. In their short five years since the brand made their debut on the watch scene, MONTA has become synonymous with high quality and exceptionally well finished sports watches. Their current lineup includes four heavy sitting styles (the Atlas, Triumph, Oceanking, and Skyquest) that all feature modern finishes in timeless, sporty designs. Today, MONTA introduces a fifth timepiece to the lineup, but not just any watch. It’s being called their “Luxury Sports Watch”, so let’s check it out…


The MONTA Noble

You’ve heard us mention it a thousand times on the podcast, but one of the things we most love about “micro watch brands” is their connection to the watch enthusiast community. Not only do they tend to be more involved and aware of what we collector’s are looking for, but they actually listen (unlike many of their larger Swiss counterparts). After the brand’s major success with both the Triumph and the Atlas models, there was a desire for something with a bit more opulence, and this is where the Noble is born.

Utilizing the same case design as the Triumph and Atlas models, Noble refines things a but further with a new hand set, new markers, a mirror-polished bezel, and two stunning dials. The old saying is that “attention is in the details”, and that’s exactly what MONTA has always been quite successful with. For the Noble, the brand has re imagined their popular logo design, paying careful attention to both the size of the logo and the name on the dial for a more aesthetically pleasing display. The new markers include a “double marker” at the 12 o’clock (seen on  many other sports watches in the industry), but MONTA takes it a step further by creating multi angled indices for the dial that are designed to reflect any bit of light. That same finishing is added to the hands, giving each one six angles to contrast against the new dials behind them. And the new bezel? A first for MONTA to have a highly polished bezel on one of their timepieces. The idea was to match the polishing and reflections of the new hands and markers, for a more eye-catching appearance that finishes the “luxury sports watch” appeal.

Paying attention to the little details might be part of what make MONTA a brand that we love, but let’s look at the biggest detail on the Noble- the new dials! As enthusiasts themselves, the two owners of the brand inspired two very unique dial colors to suit his new luxury sports watch. The white is derived from the Opaline Silver dial that is used on the Atlas GMT (one of the owner’s personal favorite pieces). It’s designed to be clean, crisp, and fresh enough to go with absolutely anything! While the blue color was designed by the other half of the brand as he imagined the depths of the sea (I mean, aren’t we all). The multi-finished sunburst dial is being called blue dégradé and was a first from the brand, taking 18 months and countless prototypes to develop.

Now, due to various reasons, production on the new noble will be quite limited to roughly 200 pieces over the next twelve months. The watch is not going to be a limited edition by any means, but the currently climate prevents the brand from producing higher quantities at the moment.

The Specs

Case Measurements: 38.5mm diameter, 9.7mm thick, 47mm lug to lug

Materials: 316L stainless steel

Dial: blue dégradé sunburst or silver (opaline)

Movement: MONTA caliber M-22, Swiss made, automatic, 4Hz, 42 hour power reserve

Attachment: stainless steel bracelet with quick adjustment deployant clasp

Production: 12 months, 200 pieces (not limited edition)

Price: $1600 pre-order (November delivery), $1,750 full retail


Our Thoughts

It should really come as no surprise but we are big fans, each of us having our own favorite dial color. MONTA first popped up heavily on our radar last summer, and we became even more obsessed last fall when they visited us here in Nashville. It was then that the two of us were able to handle every piece in their collection and really get a first hand idea for the finishing and quality that the micro brand has become so well known for. Since then we have each added MONTA timepieces into our personal watch collections because of our love for the quality, attention to detail, finishing, and the guys and brand as a whole. The Noble take everything that we enjoy about the microbrand and puts it into one watch.

We are excited to see these in person (hopefully soon) where we can give you all a true hands on review, but from the press release, there isn’t really anything to dislike. The brand seems to have done a phenomenal job at reinventing the sports watch into something a bit more refined. Every change that was made here makes sense and the Noble is a piece that is guaranteed to stand out in their collection.To learn more about the Noble and the rest of the MONTA lineup, visit their website If you haven’t checked out our interview with Michael and Justin from MONTA Watches, go back and listen to episode 36 of the podcast (click here) to learn more about the brand and what drives them.

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