Reviewing the Farer Aqua Compressor Hecla – Podcast Episode 84

Welcome to Episode 84 of the Tenn & Two podcast and another one of our listener favorite reviews. Today we are taking an in depth look at the Farer Aqua Compressor Hecla! The team at Farer were incredibly kind enough to have sent a few of their models over for us to check out and this was one of them that we are excited to bring some attention to. Before we get too far into detail abut the watch, let’s learn a but more about the brand itself.


About Farer

Farer is a British watch brand who’s heart is the spirit of adventure. The young brand was founded in 2015 with the idea of premium quality watches without the markup. While they are a UK company, their watches are made in Switzerland and, unlike many other watch brands, Farer lists out every manufacturer and location for each timepiece openly, promoting a sense of transparency rarely seen in the traditionally tight lipped industry. Colors and textures are the highlight of the brand and what they focus heavily on with each of their timepieces, which we can attest to from our experience with four different models. On top of it all, the brand truly ties in their spirit of adventure by naming each of their watches after an iconic explorer, vessel, or location.


The Aqua Compressor

Let’s get into the review of the Farer Aqua Compressor Helca! Now, the brand currently offers three models in their Aqua Compressor series. They will for the most part share similar specs with slight differences in dials and materials. For this episode, we are reviewing the Hecla that we had in for a few weeks.

About the Hecla

The Hecla is one of three new Aqua Compressor timepieces from Farer, introduced a few months ago and was named after the HMS Hecla (a Royal Navy bomb vessel launched in 1815). The case features a cushion design shape with satin finishing on top and polished sides and back. A deep blue dial is the focal point with unique wave pattern and raised numerals, while the inner rotating bezel hosts engraved minute markers filled white. Both the hour and minute hands are outlined in red while the second hand contrasts with a blue sweep and Farer “A” tip. Being a compressor style, the watch features two crowns which both screw down. The bronze crown at 2 o’clock sets the time, while the titanium one at 4 o’clock operates the inner rotating bezel. Final details include a sapphire crystal, exhibition case back, rubber strap, and 300m of water resistance. The Hecla utilizes a Sellita SW200-1 movement, making it a three hand, no date automatic display with 38 hour power reserve. Measuring 41.5mm, 45mm lug to lug, 12.5mm thick, with 20mm lugs, and each crown being 7mm. And if lume is your thing, you’re in luck as there is Super Lumi-Nova on all hands, numerals, and the inner rotating bezel. Limited to 150 pieces and priced at $1,175. Oh, and one final feature we ladies are all about is the fact that $25 of every titanium Aqua Compressor purchase goes to the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust to protect Scottish Hebridean marine life.

If you’re new to our reviews, this is why the facts turn to opinion as we two ladies discuss five questions that we ourselves ask when considering any watch purchase. Again, these are all opinions, but gives us a clear and unbiased review of the watch as a whole and how it fits into our lives. The questions we answer during this segment are as follows:

1.) What are our favorite and least favorite features?

2.) How versatile did we find the watch to be?

3.) Does the timepiece suit its designated purpose and work for who it’s designed for?

4.) Does the watch offer a fair value for its cost?

5.) Would this get regular wear and last long term in my collection?

Overall, it’s safe to say that we were both pleasantly surprised with this piece. While it may not fit our styles personally, this watch offers so much for the enthusiast community and is a phenomenal value. Farer masters this idea of mixing textures and colors, ensuring that each individual feature both stands out and works together on the Hecla. A huge thank you to the team at Farer for sending this and the other timepieces over for us to review. Be sure to check out their website here and take advantage of cool features like their 30 day return policy and free engraving.

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  1. Wonderful Review. Highlight of the lockdown is my discovery of Tenn & Two. My favorite (and the best) watch related podcast. I’ll stand on a coffee table in the Hodinkee lobby and say so!
    Keep up the good work.

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